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The importance of 'whole journey' email encryption

It is very rare for an organisation to mandate less security in its IT systems. In fact, the relentless march of new threats places pressure on us all to increase our levels of security, to ensure we can match new and emerging attacks. Email is one of the most potent business tools that we have, but also one of the most …
Nigel Stanley, 17 Sep 2007

Qualys: When rules finally meet technology

Rumour has it that TJX, the embattled US retailer trying to recover its reputation following the loss of 45 million credit and debit card details, is dishing out free ice creams to entice shoppers back in to their stores in major US cities. This may appear desperate but the hit the company has taken has been significant. …
Nigel Stanley, 28 Jun 2007

Mirapoint - the appliance of security?

Deploying solutions is difficult at the best of times, but what if you need to deploy a highly secured messaging server? The route taken by many would be to deploy software such as Microsoft Exchange Server and hope that it is as resilient as Microsoft says it will be. Of course, you need to source the hardware, software, and …
Nigel Stanley, 15 Jun 2007

Computer Associates - has the worm turned?

Computer Associates (CA) have had a pretty miserable time over the past few years. I guess they felt like the underpaid and overworked airport staff at New York's JFK airport as I came through on a flying visit to catch up on their latest news. Having lost a chief executive, chief salesperson, chief financial officer, and …
Nigel Stanley, 4 Jun 2007
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Cybercrime? Forget it

I would imagine that some reading this would be old enough to remember the hard hitting TV series The Sweeney. Each episode was action packed with crashing and banging as the heroes went from "manor to manor" "spinning drums" and "executing Ws" after showing "their briefs"*. This program was supposed to represent policing as it …
Nigel Stanley, 7 Feb 2007
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Of spooks, security and Vista

Comment News that emerged early January that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been at Microsoft looking at the security of Vista should hardly come as a surprise. With a new operating system that will find its way onto millions of desktops worldwide, the thoughts that some of the smartest brains in the security game have been …
Nigel Stanley, 17 Jan 2007

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