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Governance in the Web 2.0 world

There are some forces that just cannot be stopped. Block the path, and they'll just go round some other way. Fortunately, here in Devon, where Dartmoor has had no difficulty absorbing the recent rain, that's not a topical observation about the state of my living room. But it is certainly topical on the net. The classic seven- …
Nick Kew, 24 Aug 2007
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Taking wing with Apache 2

In October, we developed a simple HelloWorld module. Last week, my book finally appeared in print. To celebrate the happy event, let's take a look at the more advanced topic of how Apache 1's fixed request processing morphed into a new and more flexible framework in Apache 2. Any competent CGI or PHP scripter knows the basics …
Nick Kew, 6 Feb 2007
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Alice in Business

Column I'm a developer. I spend my time sitting at a computer, working on our IT infrastructure. Contrary to stereotype, I have just a cheapo computer and no fancy gizmos. I take pride in the Apache hat I wear to write this column. But sometimes we need to take a step back, and look at the why of it. As we enter a new year, let's share …
Nick Kew, 9 Jan 2007
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Some thoughts on the mod_security acquisition

Column First, a public service announcement. The next European ApacheCon event will be held in Amsterdam, in the first week of May. The Call for Papers is now open at There will be a US ApacheCon in November. Now to the column. Many products are moving from commercial closed-source to open or part-open source …
Nick Kew, 12 Dec 2006
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Apache packages: creating a support vacuum

Comment Right at the end of OSCon in September, I got the opportunity to harangue Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth about the support vacuum distros such as his create. He didn't have an answer. OK, I was putting him on the spot, but I don't think he'd have done much better if he'd had notice of the question. Frankly, I don't think there is an …
Nick Kew, 4 Nov 2006
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A look at Apache modules

Column As I write this, I'm on the Eurostar train, just returning from O'Reilly's OSCon (Open Source Conference) in Brussels. Some fascinating insights there; and even my own talk generated some interesting discussion. Some of the delegates, including O'Reilly himself, are promoting opensource ideas going beyond software and into …
Nick Kew, 3 Oct 2006
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When open source is not enough

There was some interesting buzz about the state of open source going around ApacheCon in Dublin. On one hand, Apache is - and is widely seen as - a moderate, pragmatic voice in the FOSS world: the Apache license is explicitly business-friendly, and the conference was very happy to welcome the arch-enemy of more dogmatic FOSS …
Nick Kew, 8 Sep 2006
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Tackling Apache zombies

The net is full of Apache knowledge. Tips and tricks, discussion fora, experts of all kinds, and innumerable "how-tos" and tutorials on a range of subjects. Some of these are worth reading; others may be otherwise. Among all this wisdom are some myths and half-truths that are so well known as to be "common knowledge". They …
Nick Kew, 1 Aug 2006
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Good times with Apache

ApacheCon 2006 is coming up. And this year it's in Dublin, a city famous for knowing how to have a good time. We confidently expect the regular conference on Apache technologies to be not merely productive, but also tremendous fun! So for your diary, that's the week of 24 to 28 June. Register before 29 May for the EarlyBird …
Nick Kew, 22 May 2006
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God's gift to C

OK, here it is: a proper developer article. After all, this is Reg Developer, so it's about time. Today's subject is an Apache spinoff project: the APR lies at the heart of the webserver, but is also a standalone library, and is extensively used in separate projects: most famously Subversion. But before diving in, here are a …
Nick Kew, 27 Apr 2006
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Events, dear boy... a view from Apache

Comment After last month's somewhat lightweight piece, I had in mind a solid programmer article for March. But like Harold Macmillan, I'm not just going to ignore events. So here instead is something topical. Open source advocates have been getting very worked up about an article in The Economist entitled Open source business. Open, …
Nick Kew, 29 Mar 2006
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Perpetual motion with Apache

Column When you hang around in an Apache support forum, you get all sorts of questions. At best, some really interesting discussions; at worst irrelevant nonsense. But always, a stream of newbies with FAQs. To be clear, when I say newbie, I mean exactly that: someone who is new to a particular subject. Most of them are on the learning …
Nick Kew, 27 Feb 2006
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Apache 2.2: new goodies from an old friend

Of course, you know this anyway. But just for the benefit of any long-term residents of Planet Amnesia, Apache is the software that powers most servers on the web - including, naturally, El Reg. And in December, Apache marked its tenth birthday with its first major new release in a little over three and a half years. So, what's …
Nick Kew, 30 Jan 2006

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