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Napster users sharing passwords to save cash

Once again, Napster has raised its revenue expectations, with the company's fourth quarter forecast rising from $14-15m to the most recent prediction of $16.5-17.5m. Napster has gained 143,000 new subscribers, making a grand total of 410,000. And nearly a third of Napster's US subscribers (56,000) are at universities - which …, 8 Apr 2005
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Microsoft tells music biz to 'back lock-down CD standard'

MusicAlly Microsoft is attempting to force a last-minute pact with record labels over the future of copy-protected CDs, according to a letter seen by MusicAlly. The allegedly leaked document is purportedly from Alain Levy and David Munns of EMI via Tom Silverman of Tommy Boy Records, who was asked "to reach out to the …, 16 Sep 2004
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Russian 5c MP3 site 'unlicensed'

Analysis For some time now we have been tracking the progress of a Russian MP3 site called To recap, Allofmp3 is one of many Russian internet sites that are openly offering MP3 files from a central server. Other popular sites include and For either $14.95 a month (capped at 1000 tracks per …, 5 May 2004
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Music biz should shift to flat-fee, P2P model – exec

Opinion Jim Griffin, the ex-Geffen Records new media boss described by CNN as "one of the sharpest minds in digital music", today heads Cherry Lane Digital, a company focused on the digital delivery of art, meaning music, movies, books and other means of creative expression. Here, Jim explains why the online music business needs a …, 30 Sep 2003

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