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The voodoo that Dumaru doesn’t do too well…

This weekend saw another iteration of email worm Dumaru. Unlike other email worm variants, Dumaru.J spreads itself by way of a zip attachment (rather than the typical executable). Of course, should users open the zipped file, and click the file ‘myphoto.jpg.56 (spaces). exe’ Dumaru does its typically annoying thing. Dumaru is …
Mike Kemp, 26 Jan 2004
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Say hello to the Bagle Worm

Sunday evening saw reports of yet another email-borne worm affecting MS Windows. Bagle spreads via email, following the opening of an attachment. Sound familiar? Bagle comes as a standard email from a random mail address with 15kb attachment, the subject line of which is imaginatively titled 'Test'. The creative energy …
Mike Kemp, 19 Jan 2004
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MiMail: yet another one

The saga of Mimail and PayPal continues with a new variant doing the rounds today. This is an email purporting to come from PayPal with the subject header "PAYPAL.COM NEW YEAR OFFER". Attached is a file "paypal.exe". Rather than containing the well-documented and well detected Mimail.P worm, the attachment actually contains a …
Mike Kemp, 15 Jan 2004
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ZoneAlarm quiets bells

A vulnerability in ZoneLab's freeware version of ZoneAlarm firewall will be patched within "the next two weeks". In its initial post to the BugTraq mailing list, ZoneLabs declined to address the vulnerability claiming it was as a result of a flaw in Windows (and not a combination of that flaw and one of its own). Within days, …
Mike Kemp, 8 Jul 2003
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Transylvanian hackers put the bite on

A gang of Romanian 'cyber terrorists' has blackmailed several top American firms to the tune of up to $50,000 apiece. The gang gained unauthorised access to protected databases, downloaded files, and threatened to publish sensitive commercial data on the Internet, if their demands weren't met. A number of unnamed companies …
Mike Kemp, 1 Jul 2003
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ZoneAlarm bells ring over freeware vuln

A recent post on Bugtraq has revealed a serious flaw in the core design of the freely-available personal firewall ZoneAlarm running on MS Windows. Thanks to the Win32 ShellExecute function in Windows, ZoneAlarm could theoretically be tweaked into opening an unsecured Internet connection and leaking information into web servers …
Mike Kemp, 30 Jun 2003
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Mindjail worms way through IRC

A recent post on Bugtraq (27/06/03) introduced the world to a new worm currently slithering its way through IRC. Mindjail is a new variant of Backdoor.SdBot code that once activated installs a backdoor into infected systems. IRC channels are scanned by bots seeking users, who are then spammed with the following messages: 1. " …
Mike Kemp, 30 Jun 2003
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Come up and see me some time

WebcamNow, a streaming image service with more than 1.5 million users a month, stores user ids and passwords in plain text in the registry of users' computers. The coding snafu, first spotted by bugwatcher Donnie Werner, was posted on BugTraq on June 12. The error had not been fixed on June 18, when we signed up for the service …
Mike Kemp, 20 Jun 2003

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