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Digital cameras redesign the photographic process

When you buy a digital camera for the first time there is this wonderful feeling of freedom knowing that you can shoot as many pictures as you like until you get the right one. All of a sudden we can all fancy ourselves as top fashion photographers clicking away like mad just to get the perfect moment. The first digital camera …
Martin Langham, 13 Jan 2005
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When IT departments go bad

Opinion Despite what vendors and management consultancies say and believe the most important people in the IT industry are the IT departments. These make the ultimate decisions about what to buy and who to buy from. They also, even more importantly, play a key role in choosing what IT applications to implement. For these reasons the …
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The quest for the IT Holy Grail

Opinion The quest for productivity is perhaps one of the most fundamental aims of any business and, in fact, most governments. Higher productivity leads to rising company profits, rapid growth rates, low-inflation and increasing prosperity. Much has been made the difference between the productivity of American companies and Europe. …
Martin Langham, 16 Sep 2004
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The curse of IT specialisation

The Internet has changed many aspects of the way we work. From an IT professional's point of view it has made a fundamental difference to the efficiency of the market for IT skills. Agencies used to build their business on a large database of CVs they could match to client's job opportunities. Today they can reach a much wider …
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Open Text aims for integrated Web publishing

You might imagine that Open Text had been suffering somewhat from indigestion after having recently acquired a range of content management and Web publishing companies that include Ixos and Gauss, not to mention Corechange and Obtree. Open Text says that the fit between Ixos and Open Text - its most significant acquisition - has …
Martin Langham, 30 Apr 2004
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Capgemini embraces new consulting paradigm

There is a growing realisation in the IT industry that the upheavals of the last couple of years have signalled a major shift in a way in which the consulting sector needs to operate. It looks as though some large consultancies have painted themselves into a corner. By concentrating on a larger mega-projects staffed by a cast of …
Martin Langham, 30 Apr 2004
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W3C completes framework for the Semantic Web

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced final approval of two key technologies for the Semantic Web. These are the revised Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the Web Ontology Language (OWL). These are important components for the Semantic Web that will make it possible for the Web to respond more intelligently …
Martin Langham, 24 Apr 2004

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