Mark Whitehorn is emeritus professor of analytics at the University of Dundee. He specializes in analytics, business intelligence, and data science. Mark is interested in old vehicles, with Land Rovers and a Bentley he restored and customised among his flock. Paul Hazell is a senior lecturer in design at the University of Worcester. He is a Land Rover expert and enthusiast who has restored Land Rovers and is performing doctoral research into the emergence of the utility Land Rover as an automotive icon.
Land Rover in the Korean War

Land Rover's return: Last orders and leather seats for Defender nerds

We all know there’s only on one true Land Rover: the Defender. A cheerful, competent, boxy-shaped device that’s been in production since 1948, inspired by the Jeep, the Allies' WWII workhorse. It looks as good pulling logs from a forest as it does pulling up outside a house in Mayfair and it was voted Greatest Car of All Time …

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