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Revealed: Secret security plan should Kate leave Wills at the altar

Police and spooks in charge of security for tomorrow's royal wedding have planned for every possible eventuality - including that of Kate leaving Wills at the altar. The top-secret contingency plan for a "runaway bride" scenario has been dubbed "Operation Pumpkin", and if put into effect would see hundreds of operatives switch …
LaHussy, 28 Apr 2011
DVD it in many colours

Royal Wedding: Prince Charles is a ZX81, Wills is an iPad

Back in 1981, two major events occurred in the UK. An awkward, troublesome, difficult-to-get-on-with contender captured the heart of an inexperienced young virgin: and in the same year, Prince Charles married Lady Di in the last major royal wedding to hit the UK. The frankly irritating yet inevitably famous (given the position …

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