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Only Sky can save digital TV

Comment Even at the second time of asking, digital TV has been a commercial flop. That's not surprising when taxpayer-subsidised broadcasters are given valuable spectrum. It's time Ofcom admitted this and gave Sky the chance to revitalise the market. Here's why. The UK, probably more than any other country in Europe, has a very …
Keith McMahon, 10 Oct 2007
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Virgin: Take the money and run, Beardie

Analysis: Private equity group Carlyle is bidding to take over Virgin Media, the UK's cable monopoly formerly known as NTL. We reckon Branson should take the money. He could get shot of the debt-burdened albatross, and put the money to good use elsewhere in the Virgin telco empire. (I analysed Virgin's debt troubles recently here.) When …
Keith McMahon, 3 Jul 2007
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BT: we need fibre, not share buybacks

Analysis Fibre to every home and business (FTTH) in the UK is desperately needed if the UK is to keep its long-term economic competitiveness. It's extremely disappointing that BT today announced a £2.5bn share buy back programme. We'd all be better off in the long-term - BT shareholders included - if BT invested that in deploying …
Keith McMahon, 17 May 2007
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Virgin: stop whinging and deal with the debt

Analysis Virgin Media used its quarterly conference call last week to throw another tantrum at Sky. What's ridiculous is that most of Virgin Media's current problems are self inflicted. The dispute with Sky involves a few tens of millions in fees: that's dwarfed by the amount of debt the group now carries. Without new capital, the cable …
Keith McMahon, 14 May 2007

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