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Vertu phone

Nokia, private equity chat about €200m bling phone firm sale

Nokia's plan to sell off Vertu, its subsidiary that makes handsets for folk with so much money they don't even need sense, emerged back in December 2011. Now it looks like the sale may go ahead. Talking to the Finnish phone giant is, one mole claims, Permira, a Europe-based private equity company. The alleged asking price: € …
Keir Ching, 30 Apr 2012
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Bling phone maker invites celebs to flog first smartphone

It's official: Vertu luxury mobile phones are not simply for the incredibly well-heeled but also for the celebrity obsessed too. We are neither, but last night, we happened upon a fleet of Vertu-branded Mercedes limos parked outside a Great Portland Street, London Italian eaterie to which the chauffeurs had decamped for dinner …
Keir Ching, 13 Oct 2010

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