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Burning 5G against dark background

EU digital commish to 5G folk: Improving mobile data-rate, guys? Really?

A European commissioner raised concerns in a private letter to mobile operators and the network infrastructure industry – seen by The Register – that the 5G project is not working out according to plan. Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel said in the letter – sent early in December last year – to the …
Kane Mumford, 8 Feb 2018

£160m ploughed into 5G is a fair sum. Shame the tech doesn't really exist

Going by last week's Budget, it looks like the only ones still drinking the 5G Kool-Aid are senior politicians. Perhaps they think it will make them look visionary. Insiders have told The Register that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport is more concerned with spending the money set aside for a technology that does not …
Kane Mumford, 29 Nov 2017

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