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Time-out code ambushes MS Small Business Server 2003 install?

So there I was, happily installing this spanking new shinkwrap of Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 onto a spare computer. The code only came out a couple of weeks ago, so it is hot off the production line. SBS takes a while to install, but it is a huge product. Somewhere near the end of the install, however, the setup …
Jon Honeyball, 5 Dec 2003
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MS poised to switch Windows file systems with Blackcomb

The pieces are coming together for a clear shift in the way Microsoft does data storage. It is coming full circle, right back to the unified storage model of Cairo, promised but not delivered back in the early 1990s as the super-OS built upon Windows NT. As I have been postulating for a while in my columns in PC Pro, Microsoft …
Jon Honeyball, 7 Aug 2001
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Microsoft to start selling WinXP Advanced Server now

Microsoft is pushing hard to achieve early adoption of the Advanced Server version of Windows XP. A pre-release version of the product will go on sale imminently, under the tag Advanced Server LE (Limited Edition); buyers will get full support on the product until 90 days after RTM, plus a free upgrade to the shipping version at …
Jon Honeyball, 4 Jul 2001

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