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The Devil is in the Detail

June 13, 2002 My dear Wormwood, You know that our best work has always been accomplished through manipulation of the humans' own institutions. By influencing their emotions, and especially by invoking a sense of fear, we have had great success in encouraging the humans to destroy themselves. Our master below has been …
Jay Heiser, 19 Jul 2002
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Snouts in the honeypot

[SCENE: A small but elegant office. Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" plays softly in the background. A man in a red power tie sits behind a solid oak desk, gently rubbing the top of a Montblanc pen across his upper lip while peering intently at his computer. The early afternoon peace is broken by heavy footsteps. A highly agitated man …
Jay Heiser, 16 Jul 2002
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Attack of the Cyber-Terror Studies

Last month's Business Software Alliance report on cyber security (pdf) concluded that cyber terrorism was going to be really serious, so everyone should protect themselves by giving more money to the members of the Business Software Alliance. How did it reach this conclusion? No, not by using professional intelligence experts or …
Jay Heiser, 11 Jul 2002

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