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Archos TV+ 250GB streaming media player

Review On paper, Archos' TV+ looks like a very exciting product, combining a media streamer, a digital video recorder and the ability to display content from the internet on your TV. In theory, it's everything you could want from a set-top box. The reality, however, is somewhat different. The first and perhaps biggest problem with …
Jason Berman, 11 Mar 2008

RIM BlackBerry 8820 smartphone

Review It seems that Research In Motion (RIM) just can't help adding new features to its BlackBerry line. It's barely six months since the 8800 was released and there's already a new model nipping at its heels. The 8820 offers the form factor and features of its predecessor but adds a couple of new extras - most notably Wi-Fi. RIM …
Jason Berman, 14 Aug 2007

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