Ian French

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Ian French has worked in IT since 1980 and his CV includes spells with vendors, distributors and resellers. He has worked with several organisations in Japan, Taiwan and Korea as well as US and most of Europe.

Having led Ideal Hardware, a storage distributor based in UK, he led a sale to Bell Microproducts and worked as President EMEA for Bell for 4 years before setting up a consultancy business. This has completed channel related projects for vendors and distributors and has assisted in several acquisitions. Ian is a non-executive director for four companies and is chairman of an educational charity.

Revenues dropping or flatlining at hefty distributor giants

Investors and funders may soon need to see a warning on every distributor prospectus or public filing that over revenues are heading in the opposite direction to up. A slew of recent results from some of the heavyweights show sales have indeed gone south, but after years of near unbroken growth – and given the assumption that …
Ian French, 20 Aug 2012
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Watch out, channel biz: Mega-services models will cut you if they can

Does the channel as we know it have any relevance to customers in today’s very complicated technical world? Forgetting the emotional kneejerk responses, which I can anticipate coming immediately, and the indignant shrieks of outrage from some legacy organisations and their dinosaur management who believe they have the right to …
Ian French, 22 Jun 2012

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