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So when will Linux vendors charge for security fixes?

Opinion Linux vendors spend money building security bug fixes. How much longer will they give them away for free, writes SecurityFocus columnist Hal Flynn. In the last week of October, Apple debuted its latest installment of the BSD-based operating system Mac OS X 10.3, also known as Panther. With it came many new features, as well as …
Hal Flynn, 27 Nov 2003
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What does C have in common with a scalding cup of coffee?

Opinion In 1992, a seventy-nine year old woman sued the McDonald's fast food chain after spilling the entire contents of a cup of coffee in her lap, causing third-degree burns over six percent of her body. Several days in the hospital, intense medical treatments, and a jury trial later, the woman won her case and a $2.7 million dollar …
Hal Flynn, 7 Nov 2003

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