Glyn Bowden

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Glyn is the founder and CEO of Lucr Ltd, an organisation dedicated to the simplification and proliferation of cloud computing, High Performance Computing and generally efficient IT. He has worked in the storage industry, specialising in cloud and Big Data for many years and has been an active member of the Storage Networking Industry's UK Committee. A developer at heart, he has applied his passion for simple logic to infrastructure design and implementation believing the two worlds can both benefit from an agile approach. When he is not working on IT he takes pictures, rides a bike and throws a rugby ball.
A server rack full of storage nodes

Storage management tools: Why won't it let me... GRRRR

Comment Is it important to manage an individual device very well, or the entire estate at a much higher level? The nature of management tools available at the moment means that currently we have to make a choice. I’m going to focus on the storage world, but from what I’ve seen the problem affects most disciplines in IT. The problem …
Glyn Bowden, 6 Mar 2013
The last Canon shot, above the clouds, showing the edge of space

Clouds must be transparent

Deep Dive Public cloud computing won’t be successful unless its providers make the full breadth of services transparent and accountable. Customers must be able to see what they are getting and know it has been delivered. Infrastructure and focus I work in infrastructure. That means I’m most concerned with the hardware, software and …
Glyn Bowden, 17 Jan 2012

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