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Microsoft moves further into the Content Intelligence space

Comment In my previous article The Content Intelligence (CI) market: to be or not to be? I debated whether or not the CI market was in a state of readiness for lift-off. When Microsoft enters a new market, lift-off is pretty much assured, and the CI market is no exception. Recently Microsoft explained its Business Productivity …
Gerry Brown, 16 Mar 2007
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Oracle and Hyperion: is it really a strategic fit?

This is a blastingly good deal for Hyperion shareholders. Hyperion's share price went up from $43 to $52 overnight, so shareholders gained 20 per cent. Since Godfrey Sullivan became CEO in 2004 he has done an excellent job of putting in place a first class management team and this is the opportunity to cash in. But what about …
Gerry Brown, 12 Mar 2007
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How CIOs can win back the hearts and minds of users

Run Book is what IT data centre managers understand as the Application Run Book. This is the IT department "to do" list of problems to fix and the projects to deliver. This is a long and complex list, and keeping everything in sync, well co-ordinated, and efficiently using IT resources is a nightmare. Over 80 per cent of IT- …
Gerry Brown, 5 Mar 2007
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Are founder-driven SW vendors good for enterprise buyers?

Comment I met with Gerry Cohen last week, the founder CEO of BI vendor Information Builders (IB). After 30 years in the business he still has an infectious enthusiasm for software. As has Jim Goodnight, the founder CEO of SAS, and Michael Saylor, the founder CEO of MicroStrategy, who founded his company in 1989. Between them, this …
Gerry Brown, 13 Feb 2007
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Let the battle for the mid-market commence

Enterprise software vendors have traditionally targeted large Global 3000/FTSE 250 companies with revenues of $1bn+. However, as the competitive pressures in corporates intensify and customers consolidate their suppliers, the "mid-market" is becoming an increasingly attractive target for vendors, especially as it fits well with …
Gerry Brown, 26 Jan 2007

BI and CPM markets to get cozy in 2007

Analysis For years analysts have asked suppliers "so which market are you in - BI or CPM?" Suppliers were somewhat coy about the answer. BI and CPM were perceived as distinct and separate markets. BI was the high margin cash cow and CPM was the question mark in the portfolio. Suppliers did not want to risk cash flow from the large $ …
Gerry Brown, 22 Jan 2007

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