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Shared, not stirred: GCHQ chief says Europe needs British spies

The head of GCHQ has publicly called for security co-operation with Britain's EU allies to continue after Brexit. In a speech made at NATO's Brussels headquarters yesterday, Jeremy Fleming pointedly said that the intelligence agency has "worked with our European colleagues to share understanding of how to protect our …
Gareth Corfield, 20 Jun 2018

Senior judge: Put AI in charge of reviewing social media evidence

A senior British judge has said that "technology has created many of our current [evidence] disclosure problems" – and then added that AI will fix them. Lord Justice Gross, a Court of Appeal judge, gave a speech last night to the Criminal Bar Association of England and Wales in which he reviewed the ongoing scandal of …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Jun 2018
Alan Turing

Cryptography is the Bombe: Britain's Enigma-cracker on display in new home

The UK National Museum of Computing will open its new Bombe gallery this weekend at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes after a successful crowdfunding campaign to put the WWII code-breaking machines on display. "We even hope to have a Colossus operator veteran present so that they can exchange notes – something they could never …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Jun 2018

Ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm kicks crisis meeting into long grass

A key shareholders' meeting has been adjourned, prolonging the Retro Computers Ltd ZX Spectrum Vega+ saga for another fortnight. On Monday the company's four shareholders met to debate a motion brought by two of their number, Paul Andrews and Chris Smith, over whether to dismiss the company's current board of directors. The …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Jun 2018
Palace of Westminster

Strip Capita of defence IT contract unless things improve – Brit MPs

A Parliamentary committee has called for Capita to be stripped of its military recruiting IT contract unless its performance improves, as part of a wider call for UK defence spending to increase. The Defence Select Committee published a report this morning aimed at increasing British defence spending from its current level of …
Gareth Corfield, 18 Jun 2018

Audi chief exec arrested over Dieselgate car emissions scandal

Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler has been arrested in Germany over the software-enabled Dieselgate emissions scandal, according to reports. Stadler was arrested after a warrant was issued by a Munich prosecutor, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported, adding that his personal flat had been searched by fraud …
Gareth Corfield, 18 Jun 2018

Indiegogo lawyer asks ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Where's the cash?

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has revealed to The Register that it has set its lawyers on flailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm Retro Computers Ltd. The platform confirmed to us that its corporate attorney has written to RCL seeking reimbursement from the company so that it can pay back RCL’s customers, or “backers,” as Indiegogo …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Jun 2018
Tired football kid. Photo by Matt Ragen/Shutterstock

Swiss cops will 'tolerate' World Cup rabble-rousers – for 60 minutes

A Swiss police force has decreed that up to an hour of car-horn beeping during the football World Cup will be officially tolerated by the famously pernickety nation. Senior officers in the canton of Vaud have said they will tolerate car horn beeping for up to an hour after World Cup matches so fans can express their “joy or …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Jun 2018
Parliament photo by Shutterstock

Drones Bill said to be ready for world+dog's crayons 'this summer'

The UK's long-awaited Drones Bill will be out for public consultation "this summer" - though sources tell The Register that it has been stripped down in order to guarantee a smooth passage through Parliament. The summer pledge, while not new, came from a Department for Transport delegate during a panel session at this week's …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Jun 2018
A British Army Watchkeeper drone lands at Parc Aberporth. Crown copyright

... Aaaand that's a fifth Brit Army Watchkeeper drone to crash in Wales

A British Army Watchkeeper drone has crashed near Aberporth, taking the number of crashes involving the unmanned aircraft to five. Local reports indicated that the unmanned surveillance aeroplane, which is controlled remotely from the ground, crashed in a lane near West Wales Airport at 5pm yesterday. The Cambrian News …
Gareth Corfield, 14 Jun 2018
The UK's sole F-35B in flight. Crown copyright

Ex-Rolls-Royce engineer nicked on suspicion of giving F-35 info to China

A former Rolls-Royce engineer has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of breaching the Official Secrets Act by allegedly handing British F-35 engine secrets to China. Rolls-Royce's one-time chief combustion technologist Bryn Jones, 73, was arrested at his Derbyshire, UK, home by the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism …
Gareth Corfield, 14 Jun 2018
man shocked when reading newspaper

Trademark holders must pay for UK web blocking orders – Supreme Court

BT has won a UK Supreme Court battle over who should pay the costs of trademark infringement blocking orders – and it won't be internet service providers. Instead rights-holders must reimburse ISPs for the costs of blocking rights-infringing material, according to Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption. "There is no legal basis …
Gareth Corfield, 13 Jun 2018
Google, photo by lightpoet via Shutterstock

Aussie bloke wins right to sue Google over 'underworld' images

An Australian has won permission to sue Google for defamation over search results that he alleges link him to the country's criminal underworld. Milorad "Michael" Trkulja has convinced the Australian High Court that he should be allowed to sue Google for allegedly publishing photos that he has claimed "convey imputations that …
Gareth Corfield, 13 Jun 2018
Sensat's drone before its 29km BVLOS flight. Pic: Sensat

Brit drone biz Sensat notches up 29km remote-control flight

A Brit drone firm has made a 29km beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight, a small but important step for fuller commercialisation of the tech. Operating under a special dispensation from the Civil Aviation Authority, Sensat flew its craft – a conventional layout small unmanned aeroplane – around its 29km course, during …
Gareth Corfield, 12 Jun 2018

Computer Misuse Act charge against British judge thrown out

A Crown court judge accused of breaking the UK's Computer Misuse Act after browsing digital documents in a case where her daughter was a witness has been discharged from court. Her Honour Judge Karen Jane Holt, who sits as a judge under her maiden name but was charged under her married name of Karen Smith, had the case against …
Gareth Corfield, 12 Jun 2018

Bad news, mobile operators: Unlicensed IoT tech rocketing ahead of NB-IoT and LTE-M – report

Internet of Things connectivity tech firm Sigfox is the market daddy, having left competing mobile operator-backed techs for dust – so sayeth ABI Research. In a briefing distributed to world+dog this morning, the consultancy said: "In 2017, SIGFOX had the largest share of public LPWA [Low Powered Wide Area] connections …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Jun 2018
Stamped word 'nope'

Nominet throws out US corp's attempt to seize Brit domain names

A British domain name reseller has won an appeal against an American multinational that tried to have it stripped of a parked domain, having rebuffed an offer to sell the disputed moniker for up to £20,000. In a rare appeal case, Nominet's Dispute Resolution Service upheld its earlier verdict and allowed Successful Internet …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Jun 2018
The Lord Chief Justice, Baron Burnett of Maldon

England's top judge lashes out at 'Science Museum' grade court IT

England and Wales’ top judge has moaned that HM Courts and Tribunal Service’s (HMCTS) IT systems “more obviously belong in the Science Museum” than courtrooms across the land. In a speech delivered at the London HQ of law firm Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer last night, the Lord Chief Justice, Ian Burnett, described how courts’ …
One of the UK's new F-35Bs touches down at RAF Marham after its transatlantic flight. Pic: Crown copyright/MoD

Britain's new F-35s arrive in UK as auditor sounds reliability warning klaxon

Britain's first permanently based F-35B fighter jets have arrived at RAF Marham in Norfolk – as a US auditor warns that the aircraft won't be deemed "mature" until the year 2021. Four of the brand new supersonic stealth aircraft arrived at RAF Marham in Norfolk yesterday evening, having crossed the Atlantic nearly nine hours …
Alexander Nix, former chief exec of Cambridge Analytica, giving evidence to Parliament

WikiLeaks took 10 days to reject Cambridge Analytica's US emails bid, says Tricksy Nixy

Sketch A defiant Alexander Nix has told MPs the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal was caused by lying media and the only person to trust is the one who wrote the app that quietly harvested personal data on more than 80 million people. The ex-CEO at CA started the hearing in a tense standoff with Commons Culture, Media and Sport …

Hear that? Of course it's Indiegogo's deadline for a Vega+ whooshing by

Updated Crowdfunding website Indiegogo has said it will continue its process for calling in debt collectors as another product delivery deadline sailed past for flailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm Retro Computers Ltd. This time the deadline was imposed by Indiegogo, which told RCL to deliver a production-ready Vega+ console to its US HQ …
One of the Greenwich Gateway trial's pods, parked up on the path. Pic: Gateway Consortium lobs £25m at self-driving, self-parking, self-selling auto autos

The British government is offering up £25m for a half dozen industrial projects designed to test self-driving – and self-parking – car technology. The Meridian project will fund up to six infrastructure projects to "develop connected and autonomous vehicle testing infrastructure for automated parking and interurban automated …
Crazy inventor, image via Shutterstock

You know who deserves more help from Startup investors, say policy wonks

A Google-backed think tank report has called on to, erm, help the local tech startup scene flourish in a post-Brexit Britain by agreeing to underwrite a newbie business' first customer contract. "Too little attention has been paid to the delivery risk taken on by the first customer of a startup," wrote policy wonks at …
A finger pressing a delete key

Continental: We, er, tire of Whatsapp, Snapchat on work phones. GDPR, innit?

Multinational car parts maker Continental AG has banned its employees from using Whatsapp and Snapchat on their work phones due to concerns over the recently introduced European General Data Protection Regulation. "In the company's opinion, these services have deficiencies when it comes to data protection, as they access a …
Storm clouds photo via Shutterstock

UK's first transatlantic F-35 delivery flight delayed by weather

Comment Britain’s first permanently UK-based F-35 fighter jets are not arriving in Norfolk today as expected due to RAF concerns about bad weather. The open secret of the aircraft’s arrival date is being widely discussed on social media, following defence secretary Gavin Williamson’s announcement that the supersonic stealth jets will …

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