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NatSemi CEO looks to China

Interview ExtremeTech's Jim Louderback had a chance recently to sit down with Brian Halla, CEO of National Semiconductor to get an idea of how National is approaching the future. Since this interview was conducted, things have gotten dicey for the Silicon Valley chip company. The company announced that it was shedding its system-on-a-chip …
Extremetech, 13 Mar 2003
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Ximian Evolution 1.2 – the Outlook lookalike for Linux

Review The following review was first published by Extremetech, where you can read it with added screen shots here. We at The Register like the good people at Extremetech very much, we think they like us too, and we hope that the occasional piece of 'cultural exchange' will help further the causes of enlightenment and world peace. …
Extremetech, 26 Nov 2002

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