Elizabeth Montalbano

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Elizabeth Montalbano is a freelance journalist who has written about technology and culture for more than 15 years for The Register, IDG, the Economist Intelligence Unit and others. She has lived and worked as a professional journalist in San Francisco covering Silicon Valley and New York City, and now currently resides in Aljezur, Portugal.

Ex-US Navy fighter pilot MIT prof: Drones beat humans - I should know

She’s a huge advocate of drones — quite a surprising position to take for a first class fighter pilot. Mary "Missy" Cummings was one of the US Navy’s first female fighter pilots, taking to the air after the service lifted its ban on women in combat, and flying from 1988 to 1999. She piloted F18 Hornets and became one of the …

Hot digital dog: A man’s best friend is still his... K-9

Doctor Who @ 50 No robot in TV history has enjoyed such renown as K-9, the loyal robotic mutt who was the Fourth Doctor’s companion for a chunk of the late 1970s and early 1980s. K-9 provided nit-picky comments and generally useless bits of information while serving as a foil for a rather ebullient doctor on their travels. It was so popular …
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Can Republicans steal Obama's Web 2.0 mojo?

When Digg began aggregating political articles during the 2008 US presidential election, many of the stories pushed to the top by the highest number of Diggs were pro-Obama and anti-McCain. In an article here, one conservative ruminated balefully on the innate bias among Digg's readers. He said the tech community that still …

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