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Security conferences versus practical knowledge

Since computers became mainstream in the early to mid-nineties, a whole ecosystem has developed around them. The various parts of that ecosystem range from the companies who make computers to the software companies who program for them. In between those two linchpins, though, are many other components which have now become a …
Don Parker, 19 Jul 2007
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Time for new network security certification

Comment I wrote a column for Securityfocus some time ago that aired my concerns over GIAC dropping the practical portion of their certification process. That column resulted in a lot of feedback, with most agreeing about how GIAC bungled what was up till then, the best certification around. GIAC was until then known for a stringent …
Don Parker, 3 May 2007
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What value your security certification?

Comment It was with great dismay that I read of the recent changes to the GIAC certifications. There is now no longer a requirement to write a practical portion to the GIAC, which has recently become purely exam-based. This practical portion requirement was, until now, the one distinguishing feature that separated the GIAC …
Don Parker, 29 Mar 2005
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Counting the cost of security training

It has been said before that the cost of IT training for those of us in the computer security industry is really quite high. After all, there is not only the cost of the course itself, but also the associated costs of hotels, food, and rental vehicles if the course is out of town. This quickly adds up to a rather tidy sum for …
Don Parker, 5 Nov 2004

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