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Has IBM grown a new Lotus?

Comment If you were in the market for collaboration software, what would your reaction be if a major software publisher offered you an all-singing all-dancing suite of battle-hardened collaboration tools? What if that publisher were IBM? What if it were Lotus? What if it were Microsoft? Bear in mind we're talking about the same set of …
David Tebbutt, 14 Sep 2009
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Beware evangelists

Evangelists. Plenty of them hang out in the sustainability and collaboration fields where I work. Some irritate while others are acceptable. And this isn't because they necessarily reflect my views. (In case you were wondering.) The trick is to spot, early on, which variety you're faced with and make your excuses and leave if …
David Tebbutt, 3 Sep 2009
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That’s cloud computing. But not as we know it, Jim

Reg Reader Workshop Our thanks to the readers who recently took the poll which completed the Register's workshop on "cloud computing". Since the term is a bit of a marketing catch-all, we parsed it into software as a service, utility computing and online platform provision. We further broke down SaaS into generic, vertical and core applications. …
David Tebbutt, 24 Dec 2008
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Any aaSes in your organisation?

Cloud. It's more than renaming the old stuff isn't it? It's a way of working in which you don't really want to know anything about the nuts and bolts. You just want it to work and deliver the service you've signed up for. In other words, it's a black box with a service agreement stuck on it and, with a bit of luck, a bunch of …
David Tebbutt, 16 Dec 2008
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Any clouds in your sky?

When the BBC features a cloud computing piece on its news bulletin (28 October), you know the hype is beginning to bite. But does the idea have substance or was Microsoft's Azure announcement just a handy lead-in to the weather on a slow news day? The broadcasters made it sound so easy. Containers full of servers and all the …
David Tebbutt, 12 Dec 2008
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Groupware put to the test and found wanting

Over 300 of you responded to the business productivity mini-poll. Thank you very much. But what did you say? Is groupware a dog or a god? Well, let's put it this way, when it comes to productivity, it currently ranks just above Search/Discovery and Graphical Tools. And they're the least popular. Of the tools in use today, …
David Tebbutt, 11 Dec 2008
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Is groupware the worst thing you've ever encountered?

Mini Poll We've been chatting around the subject of business productivity and trying to find out what's going on inside your organisations. Now it's time to nail this stuff statistically. Fancy taking our mini-poll to tell us what's really happening on the ground? And what you expect to happen next? We're deliberately keeping it simple …
David Tebbutt, 8 Dec 2008
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How successful are business productivity initiatives?

Businesses love the idea of cranking up productivity levels. It means they earn more per unit of expenditure. At least, that's the theory. The trouble is that people get in the way. The company will install equipment that works harder. And you can be sure that they will either exhort you to work harder or provide you with …
David Tebbutt, 5 Dec 2008
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We've harvested your green computing views

Reg Tech Panel Oh no, not another 'green' report. Yep. But this time it's the result of teamwork between you (well, the 1474 of you who responded to our survey), The Register and FreeForm Dynamics. Green Computing: the role of IT in the push towards environmental sustainability has a good rummage round inside organisations to find out what's …
David Tebbutt, 19 Jun 2008
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The IT manager's guide to social computing

Analysis If your company is averse to openness and transparency and is unlikely to change, then this article is not going to interest you much. Unless, of course, you are considering a change of direction. The fact is that 'social computing' cannot be implemented without trust between employers and employed, between colleagues and …
David Tebbutt, 21 Jul 2006
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Six Apart chief's 'nice' speech ends in name-calling

Les Blogs The second LesBlogs geekfest in Paris saw Six Apart’s oh-so-nice president, Mena Trott, taking bloggers to task for incivility. Having let the genie out of the bottle by providing over ten million people with the tools to blog, she now appeared to be trying to stuff it back in again. She admitted to being nervous about …
David Tebbutt, 8 Dec 2005

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