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Postconditionality is dangerous to your English

In my recent piece on M and Mumps I included a throwaway remark on “post conditionality”, which has generated some correspondence. Here’s an example in M, courtesy of my M-speaking correspondent, Tommy Martin: S:X=5 Y="TEST" S:$D(Y) Z="ALPHA" I A=2 D SUB SET if X=5 Y="TEST" SET if Y exists in any form Z="ALPHA" IF A=2 DO the …
Comment, 4 Jan 2006
Cat 5 cable

All I want for Christmas is ...

So, what is the good little developer getting for Christmas? If you didn't overflow any buffers this year (well, not many anyway) and followed all the “best practices” that nice Mr Gates told you about and didn't play about with nasty little ragamuffins like Linus, then you might get a nice shiny new workstation in your stocking …
Comment, 7 Dec 2005

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