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400mph cyclists kill opponents with handlebar-mounted guns

It had to happen: a US company has married an indoor cycle training stand to a Playstation2, creating Gamebike. 'Play don't train," says Gamebike about its $139 unit. The device - created by two US doctors - can be linked up to 'chase' games such as Extreme G Racing, where riders can steer and pedal through "25th century towns …
Carlton Reid, 26 Jan 2004
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First Segway owners are rich, bright, but not fat

Bicycles are the best 'short-range personal transportation devices' you can buy yet the mainstream media still seems to think Segways are more sexy. Could electric bikes and ultralight electric motorbikes plug the gap? talks to one of first Segway owners in the world. Phillip Torrone is your archetypal early …
Carlton Reid, 17 Jan 2003
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San Francisco bans Segways on sidewalks, bike paths

Last Monday (Dec 16) San Francisco civic leaders voted 8-2 to bar the use of Segways on footways and cyclepaths. This is the first serious obstacle to inventor Dean Kamen's "pedestrian-friendly" "sidewalk interloper". The ban is welcomed by Matt Smith, a columnist on San Francisco Weekly. In a hard-hitting polemic, he called …
Carlton Reid, 7 Jan 2003
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Segways go on sale. No need to walk ever again

As revealed on US breakfast telly this morning, Dean Kamen's Segway<</a> is on sale from today via the Amazon 'early adoptors' club. Delivery is US-only and your $4950 machine actually ships in March at the earliest (although in a bid for even more publicity, 30 consumers will be hand-picked to receive their Segways before …
Carlton Reid, 18 Nov 2002

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