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Motorola to fit fitness freaks with work-out watch

While the company was busy unveiling its latest Razr handset, Motorola also slipped out a new health and fitness gadget, the Moto Actv. The touchscreen-equipped, iPod Nano-esque device is essentially a multimedia watch with extensive fitness analysis tools. Motorola Actv This sweat-proof, scratch-resistant jogging-buddy …

Motorola sharpens smartphones with revamped Razr

Motorola revived one of its most popular handset brands today: Razr. At a European launch in Berlin, the company insists it addressed four key areas with the Razr, making it thinner, stronger, faster and smarter. Motorola Droid Razr At just 7.1mm thick - though it bulges out further where the camera is located - and 127g in …

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