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Techscape: A Wordwise veteran

Interview The argument has been raging since Thomas Edison started General Electric: Is the technical brain behind a business or product capable or even competent enough to manage the operations and growth of that business? Some people would say Edison was the “World’s Worst Entrepreneur“ and that without significant outside managerial …
Bill Robinson, 28 Nov 2005
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TechScape: Of RIM, NTP and BlackBerry Squash

Rant The other day in the FT, there was a small item about RIM (Research in Motion) the Blackberry’s manufacturer. Its headline blared, “RIM Faces Higher Payouts on Patents.” Turns out, RIM “may have to pay-out $550m more than the $450m it has set aside to settle claims that its Blackberry email device infringes the patents of …
Bill Robinson, 4 Nov 2005
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Techscape: on Gore, Clinton and the internet

Interview Dean Laura Tyson of the London Business School (LBS) is a former University of California at Berkeley Professor of Economics, Dean of its Haas School of Business and ultimately President Clinton’s Economic Advisor A chance meeting and conversation at the recent London Business School graduation gave me an opportunity to …
Bill Robinson, 14 Sep 2005

TechScape: Vint Cerf on the InterPlanet

Interview In the second of TechScape’s three exclusive interviews with Vint Cerf, Bill Robinson investigates the story of the InterPlanet (or Interplanetary Internet as it is sometimes called). The first time I met Vint Cerf was about five years ago when he was speaking at Cambridge University. Being a Yank over here, I decided I …
Bill Robinson, 31 Aug 2005

Techscape: RFP is not the one for me

Any salesperson who hasn’t felt the adversarial friction with a corporate procurement officer hasn’t lived. Or hasn’t really sold. CEOs look to their procurement guys for big savings: and these tough-as-nails negotiators want to make their bosses happy. They are obsessed with getting the most for the company in return for the …
Bill Robinson, 17 Aug 2005

TechScape: Vint Cerf on how the internet was born

Interview The Register will be publishing three TechScape exclusive interviews with Vint Cerf over the next few weeks. In this first interview, we examine Cerf's story as one of the undisputed originators of the internet. Currently SVP of Technology Strategy for MCI, based in Virginia, Cerf spent some time talking with me from JPL (Jet …
Bill Robinson, 29 Jul 2005

HP and Sony battle for domination of digital entertainment

TechScape Our story begins like this: Sony’s product design and innovation credentials are unsurpassed. The Walkman changed our lives and how we listen to music. The Trinitron color TV became a status symbol in our living rooms, the Sony logo was omnipresent on our jogging suits and cars and the VAIO laptops went head-to-head with Apple’ …
Bill Robinson, 20 Jul 2005
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TechScape: On marketing and mobile phones

Column One cannot be involved in business today, much less technology, without getting bombarded with talk of location-based services and many variations of this idea—that our cell phones (or whatever mobile devices win the day) will “know” where we are and that this will generate the opportunity for marketers from Starbucks to Sears …
Bill Robinson, 1 Jul 2005

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