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RFID rag launches radio ID database

In demonstration of how ubiquitous radio frequency identification tags have become RFID Journal has launched a graphical tool showing deployments around the world, but is asking those in the industry to provide some data. The project, which already has a pretty map and query tool, is intended to demonstrate how pervasive RFID …
Barbara Axt, 27 Apr 2009
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Pro-smoking website redirected to 'baccy free zone

Hackers attacked the websites of two organisations campaigning against the smoking ban last week, redirecting UK users to the NHS Smokefree site. The attack, which targeted British organisation Freedom2Choose and Forces International, lasted 11 hours. Freedom2Choose webmaster Steven Cross said the redirect appeared to have …
Barbara Axt, 14 Apr 2008

Google to open suspect Orkut albums to Brazil police

Google is to give Brazilian police access to 3,261 private photo albums on social networking website Orkut, which may contain child pornography. The move is part of a strategy announced by the head of the company in Brazil, Alexandre Hohagen, to a Senate Committee set up to investigate cases of paedophilia in the country. …
Barbara Axt, 12 Apr 2008
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Chinese spammers target 1,200 US, UK firms

The Royal Institute of British Architects' (RIBA) members database was hacked at the weekend, causing the institute to close access to the members' area, which remains shut. RIBA reports that 1,200 other organisations in the US and UK have also been attacked in a similar way, but "neither the RIBA nor other organisations …
Barbara Axt, 11 Apr 2008

eBay forces Aussies to use Paypal

eBay is forcing all its Australian users to use its Paypal service from the middle of this year sparking outrage over the percentrage of their sales that will now flow back to the auctions giant. The auction giant's customers will have only two methods of payment available for transactions over the site from June 17: paying in …
Barbara Axt, 10 Apr 2008

Snort coke, shaft the environment, say boffins

Snorting cocaine is an environmental crime whatever your views on drug use, scientists declared last week. A panel of scientists meeting at the Natural History Museum in London last week detailed how the production of the drug and its trafficking affect biodiversity and contribute to climate change. The production of a gram …
Barbara Axt, 30 Mar 2008
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Boffins battle over oldest European woman

Boffins are scrapping over the identity of the oldest woman in Europe after the discovery of a 1.2 million-year-old probably female jaw. Some scientists believe that the recently discovered fossil gives weight to the theory that primitive humans came to Europe shortly after leaving Africa two million years ago, passing by the …
Barbara Axt, 29 Mar 2008
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EU to probe Nokia NavTeq purchase

The European Commission has launched a formal investigation into Nokia's plans to buy NavTeq, a US company that produces navigable digital maps. The $8.1bn proposed deal "raises serious doubts with regards to vertical competition concerns", the Commission said in a statement. Nokia is the world market leader in mobile phone …
Barbara Axt, 28 Mar 2008
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Transgender man prepares to give birth

A Oregon man who was born a woman claims to be preparing to give birth in July. Thomas Beatie, of Bend, Oregon, underwent sex change surgery to become a man 10 years ago, but chose to retain his female reproductive organs, just in case. His wife of ten years, Nancy also from Bend, was unable to have children due to a …
Barbara Axt, 27 Mar 2008

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