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Google to fund 'video Street View' for Central London

April Fool A joint project by the Metropolitan Police and London's Westminster Council to put CCTV onto the Internet has received substantial financial backing from Google, The Register has learned. On completion of the first phase, practically every square inch of Central London - including narrow alleyways, council debating chambers and …
Arsene Ghia, 1 Apr 2009
The Register breaking news

Blogging Whitehall mandarin had top secret 'panopticon' plan

April Fools In the summer of 2001, Whitehall officials saw the UK's national identity scheme as just the first step in a "five to fifteen year" strategy to create a comprehensive surveillance society, a top secret document obtained by The Register reveals. The document, signed by top Cabinet Office mandarin Sir Bonar Neville-Kingdom, was …
Arsene Ghia, 1 Apr 2008

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