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DVD hacker Johansen indicted in Norway

Norwegian prosecutors have indicted Jon Johansen for his role in creating the DeCSS program that unlocked a DVD copy protection system and unleashed a series of lawsuits by the motion picture industry. The National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime in Norway (OKOKRIM) indicted …
Ann Harrison, 10 Jan 2002
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‘Punish software makers for bad security’ – NAS

Congress should make it easier to punish companies that produce insecure software that puts business and consumers at risk, a panel assembled by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS) said Tuesday. "Policy makers should consider legislative responses to the failure of existing incentives to cause the market to …
Ann Harrison, 9 Jan 2002
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The crime of distributed computing

A college computer technician who offered his school's unused computer processing power for an encryption research project will be tried next month in Georgia for computer theft and trespassing charges that carry a potential total of 120 years in jail. The closely-watched case if one of the first in which state prosecutors …
Ann Harrison, 3 Jan 2002

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