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Tie me customer down, sport

Women are more loyal than men. Or at least, that is what women told the Ipsos Mori 2010 consumer customer loyalty survey. The study found that three out of five British adults are loyalty scheme members; 67 per cent of women belonged to at least one, compared with 57 per cent of men; and about 68 per cent of women are loyal to …
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One basket only? Proceed to self service

In tough economic times having lots of customers to sell to can give you a warm fuzzy feeling. But how many of them bring any real value? That warm glow could soon turn to a cold sweat of panic when you see how much it costs to sell to the low-value customers. “The segmentation of customers is vital,” says Dale Vile of the …
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Five ways your customers say they are unhappy

In some sectors – mobile networks or car insurance, for example – customer churn is a way of life. Most businesses like to hang onto their customers, but sometimes, although wooed with expensive marketing campaigns and introductory discounts, customers don’t leave a note on the kitchen table or phone for a tearful it’s-not-you- …

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