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You've got a yottabyte on your hands: How analytics is changing storage

For all of its advances, the IT sector’s first five decades could be characterised as the electronic storing of systems of record. The move to the electronic era saw paper ledgers, tax returns, bank statements stored and archived safely and legally on machines instead of paper files. Rows of data were worked on in …
Magic cloud castle

You've only gone and committed to becoming cloud native

The IT department's transition from being an on-premises owner and manager of an IT equipment stack which provisions and plans data compute, storage and networking to being a responsive services provider is a 2018 priority for many. Yet it is a bold step to migrate data management to the cloud in a way that delivers the …

How digitalisation will change your storage culture

How close to reality is the all-flash enterprise data centre? Depending on infrastructure heritage, appetite and capital available the answer is likely to be: "Closer than you think". Another question is whether running an all-flash infrastructure is the right choice for your organisation. Even up to relatively recently an …
Ambrose McNevin, 22 Jan 2018

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