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From server to end user: What's coming up for NFS?

Deep Dive NFS (Network File System) is one of two of the most successful file protocols in the history of computing. From the 1980s with NFSv2 through the widely deployed NFSv3 in the 1990s, and now with today’s NFS4.1 standard – and if you don’t know about NFSv4.1 and pNFS (parallel NFS), you should – the protocol has been developed to …
Alex McDonald, 29 Feb 2012

Implementing, serving, and using cloud storage

Deep dive Introduction Organizations of all types are trying to control costs and satisfy increasing demands at the same time—demands created by explosive data growth and ever-changing requirements. To address these challenges, storage industry professionals are turning to cloud computing and cloud storage solutions. It’s important to …
Alex McDonald, 17 Nov 2011

Go forth and deduplicate

Deep dive El Reg has teamed up with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) for a series of deep dive articles. Each month, the SNIA will deliver a comprehensive introduction to basic storage networking concepts. This month the SNIA examines data deduplication. This article, derived from existing SNIA material, describes the …
Alex McDonald, 4 May 2011

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