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Suppressed data on mutant H5N1 human-killer virus PUBLISHED

Strains of bird flu that could spread among humans have been created in the lab - and now full details on just how this was done have been published openly, raising fears that the research could be used by terrorists to craft a deadly bio-weapon plague. Bird flu, or H5N1, has killed more than half of the 600 people it is known …
Adam Smith, 3 May 2012
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Boffins unlock gorilla genome, find lazy sperm gene

Genes controlling hearing, the creation of knuckle pads and sperm formation have caught the interest of boffins who today published the first sequenced gorilla genome. The data from the project, which sequenced over 140 billion base pairs over a five-year period, implies that in 30 per cent of its genome, the gorilla is closer …
Adam Smith, 7 Mar 2012

Reptile boffins spot world's smallest chameleon

German boffins have discovered the world's smallest chameleon in Madagascar while picking through leaf litter. tiny_chameleon_plos_one Scientist don't know why Brookesia micra is so small. It is not clear why island dwarfism occurs. Image va PLoS One The critter-hunters found the new species on the tiny islet of Nosy Hara …
Adam Smith, 16 Feb 2012
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Ancient cave girl genome could crack Man's genetic puzzle

Nearly 500GB of data from the DNA of an ancient girl has been published for the first time. The genetic information - made available for wider analysis by intrigued boffins - was extracted from her finger bone and tooth, which were unearthed in the Denisova Cave in Siberia in 2008. “It's a tiny little bone,” said Professor …
Adam Smith, 8 Feb 2012
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Berkeley boffins crack brain wave code

Scientists have reconstructed the words people hear by using a computer algorithm to decode electrical signals in the brain. Eggheads at the University of California in Berkeley fastened electrodes onto the bare brains of patients undergoing neurosurgery. The scientists were studying the superior temporal gyrus (ridge on the …
Adam Smith, 1 Feb 2012
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Try a 'shroom before ruling on chill pills, boffin tells gov

The government may never be able to “think rationally” about the therapeutic properties of hallucinogenic drugs, says Professor David Nutt. The top boffin was speaking on the publication of two new studies that show the anti-depressant qualities of magic mushrooms. Prof Nutt, who was sacked from his role as Blighty's top drug …
Adam Smith, 25 Jan 2012
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NASA shuts off Voyager 1's central heating

NASA has switched off a heater on a part of the Voyager 1 probe, plunging the temperature of its one functioning instrument to below minus 110° Fahrenheit (minus 79°C) – well below the minimum temps of minus 31° Fahrenheit (minus 35° C) at which it was designed to operate. Space boffins took the decision in order to conserve …
Adam Smith, 20 Jan 2012
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NASA's ageing black hole-stalking probe switched off

Astronomers are marking the decommissioning of a satellite that has spent 16 years peering into black holes and neutron stars. NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) helped astronomers establish the existence of highly magnetised neutron stars and collected the first evidence of the spacetime-distorting frame-dragging …
Adam Smith, 11 Jan 2012

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