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UK home workers now 'in the millions'

Over five million Britons now work remotely from home, according to a new study. Research from internet analysts Point Topic found 4.3 million households, or 18 per cent of all homes across the UK, in which someone is working from home. Overall, 5.4 million individuals work from home, 70 per cent of whom use the internet as …, 02 Sep 2005
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Offline shops 'miss out'

Britain's local businesses are missing out on a share of £1.5bn by failing to sell their products online, a new study reveals. A survey of shoppers by online search directory Touch Local shows over two thirds would like to buy products from their local shops but convenience is still their top predilection. Overwhelmingly, …, 01 Sep 2005
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IT contractors 'neglect insurance'

Nearly two-thirds of IT contractors believe they do not need any insurance cover, according to a new study. Research from JSA, an accountancy firm which specialises in contractors, found an overwhelming attitude among independent IT contractors that they are never likely to run into trouble with tax authorities. The problem …, 30 Aug 2005
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Costs outweigh security concerns for

The daily cost of business support has edged out security issues as the top concern of IT managers at UK small businesses. A survey by Computer Associates (CA) found that 27 per cent of IT managers worry about the day-to-day costs of supporting business priorities, slipping ahead of traditional fears of security breaches. Some …, 19 Aug 2005

Public sector e-biz push threatens small firms

Thousands of small firms may miss out on valuable contracts by attempts to make the public sector tender process more efficient, new research claims. Findings from an assessment by the London Borough of Newham into the impact of the National e-Procurement Project suggest up to 4,000 smaller suppliers in the Capital risk losing …, 08 Aug 2005
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E-tailers tempt Brit shoppers off the street

British shoppers are being lured off the high street and onto the internet. Data from the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) reveals web shopping grew 30 per cent in April, the biggest year-on-year increase for seven months. E-tailers benefited at the expense of bricks and mortar stores, IMRG said. The internet sales …, 22 May 2005
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Small firms surfing web to non-local markets

In the age of internet commerce and long-distance transactions, a growing number of small businesses feel less a part of their local communities, according to a new survey. Research from NatWest shows that a fifth of UK small firms say they concentrate their business beyond their local community. Nearly three-quarters of small …, 05 May 2005
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Mobiles 'ring around the blue collar'

When it comes to using mobile phones in businesses, the phone wedged beneath the average worker's ear will be resting against a blue collar. A pan-European survey from mobile services provider O2 found that, in the UK, blue-collar workers will soon to overtake professional staff in their use of mobile services at work. …, 27 Apr 2005
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UK techies blow 17 days a year yakking to mates

The productivity of UK businesses is being threatened by employees who waste time emailing their friends, new research claims. Forty per cent of UK workers spend an hour or more every day messaging friends and relatives and swapping jokes, according to a poll by Clearswift. UK IT departments proved the worst behaved, spending 17 …, 16 Feb 2005
The Register breaking news gets the virus jitters

Businesses are becoming ever more nervous with news that almost 100,000 viruses are worming their way around UK IT systems. A report by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) reveals that over 85 per cent of businesses believe that the problem will get worse in the future. Despite such worries, only a quarter of businesses …, 10 Feb 2005
The Register breaking news demands return to tech college system

A report by the Small Enterprise Research Team at the Open University reveals that 50 per cent of entrepreneurs believe that schools and universities do little to instil practical skills in their students, and that two thirds of UK small business owners are calling for the return of technical colleges in order to boost …, 07 Feb 2005
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E-crime to rocket in 2005

Online shopping and online fraud are to increase in equal measure during 2005, according to payment service CyberSource. It estimates that UK ecommerce revenues will grow by 36 per cent this year with 20m shoppers spending £17bn online. By 2009 as much as 25 per cent of UK shopping will be done via the internet. However, with …, 03 Feb 2005
The Register breaking news demands scam protection

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is calling on ministers to furnish small firms with safeguards from dishonest scams. It says the government's plans to protect consumers from shady dealers should extend to small businesses, otherwise they will continue to fall foul of the criminals. The call came as the Office of Fair …, 02 Feb 2005
The Register breaking news gets more spam

Small businesses are more likely to be targeted by spam email than larger companies. According to Postini, an email security firm, businesses with 100 or less computer users get up to 10 times more spam than corporates employing over 10,000 workers. It says that small businesses lacke the budget to invest in the latest anti- …, 31 Jan 2005
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Watch out for bogus health and safety invoices

Safety chiefs are warning businesses about a scam in which bosses are charged hundreds of pounds from a bogus health and safety organisation. The Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) says businesses should ignore emails and letters from a group calling itself the 'Health and Safety Registration Enforcement Division'. The HSE first …, 26 Jan 2005
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Retailers set straight on Chip and PIN

Many small retailers are unaware of who is liable in the event of fraud concerning new Chip and PIN credit cards, according to the Federation of Small Business (FSB). The FSB are stressing that, although consumers will still be protected from card fraud losses, retailers without the new technology, which is designed to detect …, 21 Jan 2005
The Register breaking news urged to adopt 'professional' email addresses

Small firms should adopt ‘professional sounding' email addresses, says. The webhosting firm asked more than 1,500 consumers if they preferred fictional email address sales@londonplumbing .com or Some 88 per cent plumped for, as it suggested to them a more professional …, 14 Jan 2005
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Businesses failing to recognise cybercrime dangers

Small businesses are still failing to recognise the dangers of cybercrime, according to new research. A report, by Bibby Financial Services, reveals that small business owners are leaving themselves exposed to computer viruses and hackers, and risking major disruption to their daily operations. Despite the fact that small …, 15 Dec 2004
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Online stores 'pricing out' high street retailers

More consumers are turning to the internet instead of the high street for their Christmas shopping. High street retailers feel the pinch of disappearing footfall, as consumers stay home to take advantage of cheaper online goods, according to a report by CyberSource, an electronic payments firm. A recent UK government study, …, 10 Dec 2004
The Register breaking news loves illegal software (true)

Nearly one in five small UK businesses would consider buying illegal software. A survey of technology trends among UK SMEs, conducted for Microsoft by YouGov, shows that 17 per cent would consider breaking the law in this way, despite the obvious risks to their reputation. The Business Software Alliance says small businesses …, 09 Dec 2004
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Ecommerce to rocket in 2005

Online businesses in the UK are forecasting that revenues will grow by 36 per cent next year, according to new figures. The figures, released by Media group Cybersource International, also show that 20m shoppers will have spent £17bn online this year, leading the group to project that by 2009 25 per cent of shopping will be …, 25 Nov 2004
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Ecommerce getting cheaper and easier

UK web designers are increasingly required to include ecommerce functionality in the sites they build for small business clients. According to research, published by software company Actinic, shows that etween 2003 and 2004, the percentage of sites built by web designers that included ecommerce functionality rose from 17 per …, 19 Nov 2004
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UK data protection laws are 'chaotic'

The Government has acknowledged that much work needs to be done to improve UK data protection laws, according to a new report. The report, by law firm Rowe Cohen, claims the Government's Data Protection Working Party has agreed that the terms of the Data Protection Act must be tightened in order to punish people who break the …, 17 Nov 2004
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Brace yourselves for Xmas spam surge

PC users are being told to stay alert in the run up to Christmas, as research shows cyber-crime is increasing and getting 'smarter'. Crimes committed over the internet or through email have rocketed in recent years, with spammers and code writers constantly coming up with new ways to breach IT security. Despite conservative …, 12 Nov 2004
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Small businesses improving email security

Email security is improving among small businesses, according to VIA NET.WORKS. The hosting provider notes the number of infected emails is dropping, despite a rise in new viruses. Small businesses have often been blamed for proliferating viruses, usually because many lack security expertise. Earlier this year a survey by the …, 08 Nov 2004

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