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The Register breaking news urged to get online

Companies are being urged to set up their own website if they are to take advantage of the 76 per cent of consumers who prefer to search for businesses on the internet, according to research by web hosting and domain name company The findings show that the internet has replaced business directories as the first …, 02 Nov 2004
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Retailers still not prepared for Chip and PIN

Thousands of retailers are calling for more time to adopt Chip and PIN guidelines, despite an extensive campaign by the government to boost awareness, a new report claims. The Forum of Private Business is hoping card issuers will take its concerns on board and extend the deadline given for businesses to install Chip and PIN …, 29 Oct 2004
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Three-quarters of Brit workers drunk after lunch

An alarming 76 per cent of employees are coming back to work drunk after taking a "liquid lunch", according to a new survey carried out by Peninsula employment law constancy. The results show that an increasing number of employees are consuming alcohol during their lunch break - a trend that could harm the reputation and …, 22 Oct 2004
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Budding inventors warned of dishonest promoters

Budding inventors are being warned to beware of unscrupulous invention promoters by the Patent Office. Inventions can lead to the beginning of a successful small business, with many able to profit from untapped markets. However, many inventors are putting their faith in less than reputable promoters due to a lack of …, 01 Oct 2004
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Dell jumps on UK recycling bandwagon

Dell UK is helping business to recycle their IT equipment. The service is a response to the new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation, which is to be introduced in 2005. The legislation comes into effect on 13 August 2005 and makes it illegal to inappropriately dispose of IT equipment while ignoring …, 28 Sep 2004
The Register breaking news in the dark over IT skill levels

The vast majority of small firms demand that their IT staff should be properly qualified, but few know how skilled their technical employees are. A survey commissioned by Microsoft found that 85 per cent of UK businesses think that IT qualifications are a vital requirement before allowing employees to look after computer …, 15 Sep 2004
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Women still victims of male stereotyping

A new report shows that sexism is alive and well in the workplace and that men continue to stereotype women - despite admitting that having a women at the helm would make little difference to their business. The HR Gateway probe demonstrates that the "old boys' club" persists in many firms, leaving women pigeon-holed in roles …, 13 Sep 2004
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Bosses fear employee fraud

Fraud is now considered to be as big a threat as burglary, however many employers are failing to take the most basic precautions. Research carried out by financial advisers MacIntyre Hudson, shows that 38 per cent of employers questioned pointed to fraud as the single biggest threat to their business. The biggest concern is the …, 27 Aug 2004
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UK workers warm to the skive

There has bee a dramatic increase in the number of employees who take unnecessary absences from work, according to a survey by employment law firm Peninsula. Figures reveal that 85 per cent of businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between genuine absences and those that are made up in order to skive off …, 26 Aug 2004
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Britons are not workaholics

Most Britons do not consider themselves to be workaholics, according to a survey by employment specialists Begbies Traynor. Despite 98 per cent of respondents stressing that it was important to them to be perceived as good at their job, 81 per cent acknowledged that they worked to live rather than lived to work. Although such an …, 26 Aug 2004
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DTI urges to embrace digital

A recent DTI report has identified huge commercial opportunities for UK businesses that use a combination of digital media and a greater focus on customer needs. Digital channels, broadband, interactive television and mobile phones are changing the way customers buy products and services, and such is the sales potential of …, 24 Aug 2004
The Register breaking news crap at security (redux)

Small businesses are failing to take action against online security risks, according to the Institute of Directors (IoD). Its research highlights unregulated download services and instant message application as major security risks. The IoD investigation into its members revealed that 66 per cent of small businesses are aware …, 18 Aug 2004
The Register breaking news left standing in ecommerce gold rush

Despite the rapid increase of ecommerce the majority of retailers are neglecting to reap online benefits, a survey by Actinic Publishers has shown. The findings highlight the increased profitability of retail Web stores in the small to medium-sized business sector. However, the results reveal that a disproportionately low …, 17 Aug 2004
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Cardholders clueless on chip and pin

Retailers will be bracing themselves for what could be a chaotic festive season following the news that more than half of British cardholders know little or nothing about the new chip and pin card system. Up to 120 million new chip and pin cards will be winging there way to Christmas shoppers in time for the 1 January 2005 …, 13 Aug 2004
The Register breaking news loses rag with late payers

Small businesses are losing patience with late payers, with most prepared to sever ties with tardy customers, new research has found. A survey carried out by the Better Payment Practice Group (BPPG) found that over two thirds of bosses said that they would not deal with a late paying customer in the future. This new research …, 12 Aug 2004
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O2 seeks small biz with penchant for Abba

Mobile phone giant O2 is looking for a small business to go back in time to the 70s, while also experiencing the office technology of the future. O2 will build a dual office space in central London this Autumn, and is looking for a small firm to work in both the 70s workplace and the futuristic office. The project is intended …, 12 Aug 2004
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Bosses warned on employment 'myths'

Small firms have been warned that there are now so many different employment laws that they may be risking court cases by failing to keep pace with new rules. Croner Consulting said that that due to a number of misconceptions, many employers are breaking the law when taking on and dismissing staff. The consultancy firm …, 11 Aug 2004
The Register breaking news hotbed of sexism?

A massive eight in ten female employees feel that they have been subjected to sexism in the workplace, placing thousands of small firms at risk of legal action, according to new research. A survey by Peninsula found that 82 per cent of women polled had been discriminated against because of their gender. Worryingly, 78 per cent …, 10 Aug 2004
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Late payments are putting your wages at risk

Over a quarter of small businesses are worried that late payment could prevent them from paying wages to staff, new research has revealed. The study, conducted by BACS Payment Schemes, found that more than one in four firms admitted that they could not pay employees if customers didn’t settle their debts for one month. BACS …, 09 Aug 2004
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The return of the dotcom yuppie?

Budding entrepreneurs are increasingly keen to start up online businesses, suggesting that the dotcom downturn is over, new research has found. A survey of MBA students by Palo Alto Software found that 74 per cent were planning to set up a business after graduation, with six in ten of those wanting to start up on the Internet. …, 06 Aug 2004
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Show me the way to go (for e-biz advice)

Small businesses aren’t fully embracing the technology that could help them run more efficiently because they don’t know how to use it or where to go for help. An annual survey of over 4,000 businesses in London by Business Link for London, revealed that businesses as a whole are increasingly incorporating technology into their …, 16 Jul 2004
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EU ruling set to can business spam

A new European ruling has made it possible for small businesses to block unsolicited emails, telephone calls and faxes, a law firm has claimed. Glaisyers said that under the European directive, firms will be able to op-out from direct marketing campaigns from other businesses. By registering with the Direct Marketing …, 05 Jul 2004
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UK rejects outsourcing

Nearly nine out of ten UK small businesses do not feel that outsourcing will benefit them, new research has found. A study carried out by NOP World found that just 12 per cent of small firms had decided to move part of their production or administration process out of the business. Just 14 per cent said that they would consider …, 05 Jul 2004
The Register breaking news must embrace new technology

Entrepreneurs need to embrace new technology such as broadband or risk going out of business, management guru Sir John Harvey Jones warns. In a speech to the Leicestershire Economic Partnership (LSEP), Sir John, star of the Troubleshooter TV series, praised the role that small firms play in the economy, but warned that …, 02 Jul 2004
The Register breaking news complacent over virus threats

UK small businesses are too complacent over the threat of sophisticated viruses, despite the financial losses caused by such attacks. So says ServGate Technologies, a US network security firm, which found that a third of companies took no action at all after a "blended" attack - a network assault which seeks to maximise damage …, 21 Jun 2004
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Viruses and spam hit small firms harder

Over a third of small businesses are suffering significant financial losses due to unsolicited emails, faxes and computer viruses. A survey by Bank of Scotland (BoS) found that 37 per cent of UK small firms were being badly hit in the pocket by spam and viruses, such as the SoBig outbreak which hit many businesses earlier this …, 15 Jun 2004
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Broadband worth 52 days a year to

UK businesses that upgrade to broadband recover a massive 52 days in year in lost productivity, according to new research. The study, conducted by ntl, found that small firms which replaced dial-up connections with broadband significantly improved their productivity and communication. The study found that 56 per cent of small …, 12 May 2004
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Anti-spam laws baffle

Businesses are in the dark over anti-spam laws, with 83 per cent ignorant of legislation aimed at stopping junk emails, a new survey has revealed. The research, conducted by software firm Clearswift, found that although just 16 per cent of businesses were aware of laws against spam, a massive 92 per cent felt current rules were …, 07 May 2004
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UK IT tax break deadline looms

Small businesses must hurry to take advantage of tax breaks on IT equipment before the incentive is withdrawn next week, according to Microsoft. In last Wednesday's Budget, chancellor Gordon Brown announced that the ICT tax allowance for small firms will end on 31 March. The tax break allows entrepreneurs to claim 100 per cent …, 26 Mar 2004
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Retailers must embrace Chip and PIN. Or else

Businesses that do not adopt the "Chip and PIN" payment system from next year could be held liable for losses resulting from credit card fraud, an accountancy body warns. From 1 January 2005, the Chip and PIN system, which replaces signatures for card payments with a "hacker-proof" four-digit PIN number, will be introduced …, 25 Mar 2004
The Register breaking news how does the Budget affect you?

Now that the dust has settled on the 2004 Budget, the question many small businesses will be asking is: exactly how better or worse off are we? Well, the short answer is that although the Budget wasn’t great, it could’ve been a lot worse. After all, chancellor Gordon Brown resisted the temptation to crank up business taxes to …, 19 Mar 2004
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Freelancers set for IR35 tax rebate

Thousands of entrepreneurs could have the chance to reclaim money taken from them under the controversial IR35 tax, a consultancy firm has claimed. Qdos Consulting said that small businesses and freelancers who paid the "stealth tax’ soon after it was introduced in 1999 could be in line for a rebate because they handed over too …, 12 Mar 2004
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Benefits of online tax returns ‘negligible’

A government incentive to get small businesses to file their tax returns online is not what it appears, with the financial benefits set to be "negligible", an accountancy firm has warned. Ministers have said that from 19 May 2010, firms with fewer than 50 employees will have to file their PAYE returns online each year by law. …, 10 Mar 2004
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UK gets free online training resource

e-Skills UK has set up a website for small IT businesses. Called One Stop Shop, this is a a free, online directory of courses and training providers across the UK. The site has information on tens of thousands of full and part-time courses, from public and private providers. It also offers a range of self-study courses, which …, 01 Mar 2004
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Big spending small firms lead IT recovery

Small companies are the driving force behind a large increase in spending on business IT equipment over the last quarter, a new report has revealed. The research, conducted by Computer Weekly and Kew Associates, found that IT spending rose by 5.2 per cent in the last three months of 2003, up from 3.9 per cent in the previous …, 11 Feb 2004
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E-mentoring service launched for South East small firms

A “unique” new e-mentoring service has been launched for small businesses in South East England, following the success of similar schemes in the USA and Australia. The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) announced that the service will operate by pairing budding entrepreneurs with experienced mentors to help boost new …, 29 Jan 2004
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Online banking condemned by small businesses

The small business online offerings of Britain’s leading banks are not good enough. Despite spending millions of pounds trying to attract business customers and convince them to complete their transactions over the internet, the leading banks are failing to produce a satisfactory service. In a poll of 500 small businesses, …, 28 Jan 2004
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Small firms to get ‘better protection’ with new patents bill

Small businesses should soon be provided with better protection for their ideas under a new Patents Bill, the government has announced. Ministers said the Bill will give small firms greater ability to enforce patent rights and will boost innovation. The new Bill will: Enable the Patents Office to provide an independent non- …, 20 Jan 2004
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Online sales shine through the high street gloom

Online retail sales rose dramatically during 2003, despite an alarming fall in takings by high street stores over the same period. In its end of year report, ecommerce provider Actinic found that most UK web retailers experienced sales increases of between 10 and 30 per cent over the past year, with one company even enjoying a …, 06 Jan 2004
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Bosses tell staff to hang up when driving

Seven in ten small businesses plan to impose a blanket ban on staff using mobile phones for business purposes while driving, according to new research. The survey, conducted by vehicle management firm FleetLine, found that half of those quizzed said that they would even try to ban employees from using their mobiles while …, 02 Jan 2004
The Register breaking news neglects online presence

A quarter of UK small businesses are failing to updating their websites regularly, according to a new report. The research, conducted by BT Openworld, found that many small firms relied on websites that were badly out of date, putting them at risk of losing customers or clients. BT Openworld said that the most common areas …, 26 Nov 2003

Complex tax credits harming technology firms

Complex tax rules are preventing small technology companies from taking advantage of research and development (R&D) tax credits, according to accountancy firm Grant Thornton. The Inland Revenue has launched a consultation document on the tax credits, which are available to “innovative” technology businesses. But many firms, …, 02 Nov 2003
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How does your e-biz measure up?

UK small businesses can see if their e-business performance is up to scratch following the creation of a new online benchmarking survey. UK Online for Business, a government agency, has launched the new web-based service specifically for small and medium sized firms to find out how their e-business progress fares on a regional …, 29 Oct 2003
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Disasters proving to be terminal for many small firms

Nearly half of UK small firms that experience disasters such as system failure or fire damage never properly recover, yet less than 50 per cent have any back-up plan to use if things go wrong, according to new research. The study, conducted by insurance firm AXA, found that despite recent scares such as the Sobig computer virus …, 05 Sep 2003
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Back-up for blackouts

The UK’s small businesses are being warned to take heed of last week’s London power cut by ensuring their computer systems are backed up. Last Thursday’s blackout, while nowhere near on the scale of recent power failures in New York and Canade, left many businesses in the south east without power for more than 30 minutes, …, 02 Sep 2003
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We are all time wasters now

One in three small business owners and managers are setting a bad example to their workforce by wasting time on the internet and sending humorous emails rather than working. The new survey, by Bibby Financial Services, reveals that 34 per cent of company bosses admitted to browsing various websites for their own entertainment …, 01 Sep 2003
The Register breaking news gets flogging online

Small businesses plan to increase their use of ecommerce over the next year despite widespread fears over viruses and unsolicited emails, according to a new study. The State of the eNation survey, commissioned by web hosting firm NetBenefit, reveals that a further 12 per cent of small business websites are set to include …, 27 Aug 2003
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Email gossips put employers at risk

Gossiping or slating colleagues behind their backs might be a common, if unfortunate, workplace occurrence but doing it on email could have serious repercussions, as one employer found out last week. A woman who discovered nine of her colleagues had circulated offensive emails about her has received £10,000 compensation after …, 26 Aug 2003
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Small firms shun IT security

Despite large numbers of computer systems being struck down with deadly viruses over the past weeks, almost one-third of small firms do not think anti-virus or firewall protections is important to their business. Research by BT Openworld found 28 per cent of companies claimed software solutions designed to protect their …, 20 Aug 2003
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Firms should beware e-business ‘black hole’

Firms which choose to run and manage their e-business systems and infrastructure in house are throwing resources down an IT "black hole", according to new research out today. E-business specialist PSINet Europe found a staggering 115 million person hours of working time would be wasted across Europe dealing with an activity …, 15 Aug 2003