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samsung YP-K3 digital audio player

Samsung YP-K3 digital audio player

Review "Refined, Stylish, Classy, Sleek" - are all words that have gone to describe Samsung's latest offering to the digital audio player world... mostly by the Seoul-based manufacturer. So, after all that hype is there anything besides aesthetics to drive sales of the Samsung K3 in this Apple iPod dominated market? Read on... …
Rob Kerr, 20 Feb 2007
SanDisk V-Mate video memory card recorder

SanDisk V-Mate memory-card video recorder

Review Video content on mobile phones today is rich and diverse, but the cost is also rich and diverse - with an emphasis on rich. Are there any affordable alternatives to watching a variety of video on mobiles and other portable devices? SanDisk seems to think so... SanDisk announced the V-Mate at Berlin's IFA 2006: a dinky device …
Rob Kerr, 24 Jan 2007

LaCie Ethernet Disk RAID 2TB entry-level NAS box

Review Two terabytes of network-attached storage SATA-based RAID storage and an iSCSI desktop disaster recovery platform all within one small compact unit for under £900? Seems unlikely, yet LaCie, with a little help from its friends, appears to have pulled it off. Or has it..? The imaginatively titled Ethernet Disk RAID is the …
Rob Kerr, 17 Jan 2007
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MS ditches Service Packs for Windows NT 4.0

Microsoft has cancelled Service Pack 7 and any further development of service packs for the Windows NT 4.0 platform. The news will be announced to the channel first and then all Microsoft customers this week. Service Pack 7 was originally due to be released at the end of last year, but was then delayed until Q3, 2001. Now it …
Rob Kerr, 18 Apr 2001

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