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A digitally United Kingdom

The Cabinet Office this week published Enabling a Digitally United Kingdom, a report by the Digital Inclusion Panel (DIP), which explores ways of bridging the 'digital divide'. Digital inclusion means having access to facilities that enable people to 'transact electronically'. The DIP report defines those most at risk of …
Robin Lettice, 14 Oct 2004
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Phishing websites breed like rabbits

Websense Security Labs has issued figures showing a massive increase in phishing websites. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), the number of phishing scam websites is rising by roughly 50 per cent month on month. Phishing sites trick people into revealing confidential information such as social security numbers …
Robin Lettice, 11 Oct 2004
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£147.5m boost for British particle accelerators

Science and innovation minister Lord Sainsbury today announced £147.5m funding for two particle accelerators. They will be used to aid research in areas including medical and computer research, and clean energy technology. The two devices - ISIS and Diamond Light source - produce high-energy light beams and particles which …
Robin Lettice, 08 Oct 2004