Aaron Milne

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Aaron Milne supplies IT system architecture, R&D, sysadmin and contract evaluation services to SMEs. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.
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We haul big-data-sifter CloudPhysics to the testlab slab

Regardless of everything else going on in the life of a system administrator, the one thing we lack most is time. So what if there were a single solution to give us all the information we could ever need about our virtual infrastructure in one place? Founded with the belief that in the future all virtual infrastucture will be …
Aaron Milne, 03 Dec 2013

Microsoft's Azure will bring tiers to your eyes

For those of us who have been in IT for a while the term hierarchical storage management (HSM) has become more than a little old fashioned. HSM was coined back in the bad old mainframe days when a high-capacity 300MB disk cost tens of thousands of dollars. At that time it made sense to have a primary array of disks backed up by …
Aaron Milne, 07 Oct 2013
A taller iPhone

WHY didn't Microsoft buy RIM? Us business blokes would have queued for THAT phone

In the wake of Microsoft announcing that it's acquiring Nokia, and BlackBerry announcing that it's buying itself out of the public market with Fairfax’s help, I can’t help but come to a single conclusion: Microsoft has missed what could possibly have been the single greatest acquisition in its company’s history. As you’ll know …
Aaron Milne, 30 Sep 2013
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Sysadmins: Keep YOUR data away from NSA spooks

During a meeting this week I had a question put to me that almost every client asks at some point: will our data remain our data even after we send it rocketing into the cloud? I love this question simply because it means I’m making progress getting companies up to speed on their IT requirements. What set this encounter apart …
Aaron Milne, 19 Jul 2013
Maurice Moss, IT Crowd

Asperger's and IT: Why my prejudices are great for your business

Recently, Trevor Pott posted an article discussing prejudices in IT. I’ve been thinking hard about this exact problem for several months now. As a consultant to the SME market, every single prejudice I have directly affects my clients' IT infrastructure, potentially for 10 years. Like Trevor, I have a disability. I live every …
Aaron Milne, 10 Jul 2013