Dominic Connor

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Dominic Connor used to boss IT pros and quants around in banks, and now recruits people for less crappy jobs in the City.
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Excel scientific and engineering cookbook

Most people have a schizophrenic attitude to Excel, seeing it as “trivial” because they can use it with almost no training, but too difficult to use on more meaty problems. By way of response, David Bourg delivers a set of recipes that cook up some increasingly non trivial problems. The cookbook style does however mean that …
Dominic Connor, 20 Jul 2006
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Dining out on the ID card fiasco

When they make the film of the great ID card fiasco, it may well open with a dinner at the National Liberal Club, where the Great and Good of the IT industry (and your Register correspondent) warn of impending doom. The Real Time Club has invited Professor Ian Angell of the London School of Economics to dinner to explain just …
Dominic Connor, 19 May 2006
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C++ divided by CLI

At the ACCU conference recently, one wag in the audience referred to Microsoft’s C++/CLI as “C++ divided by CLI”, which neatly summed up the prevailing mood. The 10,000 classes in .NET can’t work with ISO C++, and you may ask why anyone in their right mind would try to bring out a platform in this day and age that couldn’t talk …
Dominic Connor, 05 May 2006
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Déjà Vista

As Vista slowly slips further into the mists of the future, I sometimes wonder if anything has really changed since I was on the losing side of the IBM-Microsoft OS/2 war. Why do we now hear of huge re-writes in a product that's supposed to be almost ready? As a former O/S (Operating System) bug hunter, it sounds rather …
Dominic Connor, 06 Apr 2006
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Interviewing C++ developers with extreme prejudice

These days I do a bit of pimping (a.k.a. "quant headhunting" in polite company - a "quant" is a quantitative analyst doing high-value numerical analysis) for expensive people at banks. It may scare or delight you, but a lot of the financial markets are run off C++ with Excel VBA. The first pass across the prospective intake is …
Dominic Connor, 17 Mar 2006