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Darkstar One Broken Alliance

Darkstar One: Broken Alliance

Review A long time ago, in an arcade far, far, away, cabinets reverberated with the bleeps and pops of 80s space combat. Darkstar One Broken Alliance Pretty fly ride OK, so the arcade was in Aldershot, not Alderaan, but the fight against evil galactic empires was no less keenly waged by me and my 10p pieces. Space was the dominant …
Andrew Bailey, 23 Jun 2010
Alienware M11x

Dell Alienware M11x 11in gaming notebook

Review The Alienware M11x has been heralded as the world's first true gaming netbook. To be fair, that's not a misnomer Dell uses in its advertising, preferring to position the 285mm wide 11.6in widescreen unit as simply a sub-15in gaming laptop. Alienware M11x Fire walk with me: Dell Alienware M11x It's right to do so. At 33mm …
Andrew Bailey, 09 Jun 2010
Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol

When Obsidian and SEGA teamed up to create a new espionage-themed RPG they must have thought it was cake baking time. Alpha Protocol Looking the wrong way seriously "backfired" Add ingredients: narrative, character development, moral choices and minigames. Whisk in contemporary themes of corporate greed and regional …
Andrew Bailey, 04 Jun 2010

Blur vs Split Second Velocity

Review Combat racing games are like buses. You wait ages for one and then two come along in the same week. Blur Get out my lane! Unlike the buses where I live, though, both games arrive with high expectations (and no shank-wielding yoots on the back seats). Their developers have real pedigree in satisfying petrol-head gamers. Split …
Andrew Bailey, 31 May 2010
Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Review The historical Wild West was very different from the fictional depiction of Spaghetti Westerns. Gunslingers rarely had the kill count they were credited with. Quick-draws were in reality spur-of-the-moment shootouts, with instigators often taking advantage of distraction or inattention. And dying in blaze of glory is pure …
Andrew Bailey, 24 May 2010
Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2

Review Red-Eye, the Railway Gun, or just Episode 3, Chapter 3. Call it what you want, but you won’t find a more defining moment in Lost Planet 2. It’s a level that will stick in the mind for a long time to come - unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Lost Planet 2 We need a frog grenade Around an hour in length, it’s typical of …
Andrew Bailey, 17 May 2010
Alan Wake

Alan Wake

Review It’s the dead of night, and you’re driving along a deserted and gloomy mountain pass with only the low drone of your engine for company. Out of the corner of your eye you spot a rickety old timber shack at the side of the road. You pull over and the engine goes quiet. All around you, a dark, insidious mist gathers, creeping …
Andrew Bailey, 12 May 2010
Fifa World Cup 2010

2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa

Review The summer months provide gamers and armchair football fans with a compulsory Why Don’t You moment, where we’re all forced to ‘just switch of our TV sets and go outside and do something less boring instead.’ Fifa World Cup 2010 And we all like vindaloo... For us Brits, this usually means finding a nice spot on the village …
Andrew Bailey, 07 May 2010

Super Street Fighter IV

Review Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV release is the antithesis of EA’s 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa, and a rare beast in the ever-increasingly profit-driven videogames world. In stark contrast to EA’s footballing cash-cow, Super Street Fighter IV is both love letter and thank you to the one million-plus gamers who shelled out …
Andrew Bailey, 05 May 2010
N.O.V.A Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

Ten Essential... iPhone Games

Product Round-up Despite Nintendo and Sony’s cries to the contrary, the iDevices are fast becoming serious players in handheld gaming. The big software companies have begun to realise this, and are now joining the indie developers in a fight for your cash. And, with the iPad entering the UK fray in late May, iGaming is set to explode into the …
Andrew Bailey, 03 May 2010

Dead to Rights: Retribution

Review To witness your father murdered once is unfortunate, but to witness him murdered twice is downright careless. This glaring paradox might not be lost on you, but it appears to have escaped the developers of Dead to Rights: Retribution. You see, the trigger for the vengeful bloodbath you exact in Retribution is, well, identical to …
Andrew Bailey, 30 Apr 2010


Review Bayonetta is not meant for the casual gamer. Not because the enemies are particularly tough, or because of the bewildering number of combos available. Bayonetta title Nor is it because it's a difficult game to complete - although, if that's what you want, Platinum Games has you covered with the inspirationally named Infinite …
Andrew Bailey, 22 Apr 2010

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Review Splinter Cell Conviction Sam Fisher's sixth videogame outing, and his first in almost four years, marks a further refinement of the core principles of the Splinter Cell franchise. The real-world credibility provided by Clancy's endorsement remains intact, as does Sam's modus operandi of infiltrate, interrogate and assassinate …
Andrew Bailey, 19 Apr 2010

Bioshock 2

Review Bioshock 2 Released in late 2007, the first Bioshock was the perfect antidote to an unending stream of derivative first person shooters. Borrowing elements from RPGs and brimming with fresh ideas, both in its aesthetic and play mechanics, Bioshock offered a compelling blend of first-person shooter (FPS) and RPG within a highly …
Andrew Bailey, 13 Apr 2010