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KEEP CALM and Carry On: PRISM itself is not a big deal

PRISM, the top secret US National Security Agency web communications and user data collection program revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden last Friday, and targeted on nine top US web service providers, would seem unlikely to be the total, tyrannical surveillance behemoth reporters first assumed. That’s because its numbers, …
Duncan Campbell, 11 Jun 2013

Parliament to unleash barrage of criticism on Snoopers' Charter

The joint parliamentary committee scrutinising the government’s Communications Data Bill - universally dubbed the “Snoopers' Charter” - is set to slate the draft law in its official report published tomorrow. Most of the committee members felt the Home Office had failed to make a convincing case for the scale of requested powers …
Duncan Campbell, 10 Dec 2012
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GCHQ's spy death riddle shines light on UK hacker war

British intelligence agent Dr Gareth Williams’ last mission before he was “unlawfully killed” was to infiltrate and report on US hacker meetings, evidence given at his inquest this week has indicated. Williams appears to have been one of a team of intelligence officers and agents sent to penetrate hacking networks in the US and …
Duncan Campbell, 03 May 2012
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Inside the shadow world of commercialised spook spyware

Western and Chinese high-tech companies are competing aggressively to sell, install and manage intrusive and dangerous internet surveillance and communications control equipment for the world’s most brutal regimes, a six-month investigation has found. During 2011, investigators from Privacy International, a London-based NGO, …
Duncan Campbell, 01 Dec 2011
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9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power

Investigative reporter Duncan Campbell reflects how 9/11 has torpedoed resistance to intrusion and undermined privacy rights born of earlier struggles. It may, irreversibly, have changed the way we think. 9/11 was a savage nightmare that took too long to happen for some in the West. For 12 fallow years, from the fall of the …
Duncan Campbell, 10 Sep 2011
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What treasures will the US really find on bin Laden's hard disk?

Computers and digital media seized from alleged al Qaeda supporters in Britain, Iraq and other hotspots in the war on terror have generally not provided forward intelligence enabling governments to prevent and deter new attacks. Hopes maybe high that the fruits of last weekend's assault on bin Laden's HQ's will yield an …
Duncan Campbell, 06 May 2011
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Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start

Britain’s biggest ever computer crime investigation, Operation Ore, was flawed by a catalogue of “discrepancies, errors and uncertainties”, disclosed reports of two national police conferences seen by The Register reveal. The police memoranda show that within months of the operation launching in April 2002, detectives who …
Duncan Campbell, 04 Apr 2011