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Logitech Touch Mouse M600

Logitech rolls out touch-sensitive mouse

Logitech will next week release its answer to Apple's Magic Mouse: an input doohickey with a touch-sensitive skin. Logitech Touch Mouse M600 The Touch Mouse M600 uses said surface to read taps, swipes and scroll gestures. The M600 is wireless - it uses Logitech's proprietary 2.4GHz tech - and optical. Logitech Touch Mouse …
Hard Reg, 08 Feb 2012

O2 quietly cans gratis Cloud Wi-Fi connectivity

O2 has quietly dropped The Cloud from the list of Wi-Fi hotspot aggregators it grants its mobile customers free access to. Until the start of the month, O2 customers could access the internet through The Cloud's many WLANs. Now, however, only BT Openzone and O2's own O2 WiFi hotspots are included for free. Punters tell us …
Hard Reg, 07 Feb 2012

Raspberry Pi ship date slips

Raspberry Pi won't make it into buyers' hands before 20 February and perhaps not until the end of the month, the organisation behind the $25 microcomputer has admitted. The compact yet fully laden motherboard went into mass production early in January. The hope was the gadget would be available to buyers by now. Alas not. …
Hard Reg, 07 Feb 2012
Motorola Xoom

Motorola: refurb tablets shipped with former owners' data intact

Motorola Mobility has admitted that some refurbished Xoom tablets were sent out to their new owners with previous users' data still present in the gadgets' memory banks. The company, which is waiting for a thumbs-up from the Feds before it can be swallowed by Google, offered its profuse apologies for the snafu. Some 6200 …
Hard Reg, 06 Feb 2012
Hauppauge MyTV 2GO mobile TV tuner

TV tuner maker intros mobile Freeview pick-up

TV tuner maker Hauppauge has introduced a mobile gadget that streams Freeview content to you phone, tablet or computer over its own wireless network. The MyTV 2GO makes Freeview digital TV shows appear on a free app that's available for iDevices, Macs and Windows PCs. Hauppauge MyTV 2GO mobile TV tuner The gadget has its …
Hard Reg, 03 Feb 2012
Fujitsu logo

Fujitsu out bog standard 7in tab for big biz

Fujitsu has outed a non-descript 7in Android tablet that it'll be pitching at big business when the gadget goes on sale later this month. Fujitsu Stylistic M350/CA2 Android 7in tablet The 1970s disco-sounding Stylistic boasts a 1024 x 600 display and 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi. Fujitsu didn't say much else - anything, in point of …
Hard Reg, 03 Feb 2012
T-Mobile Vairy Touch II

Apple ousts LG from world phone biz top three

Market watcher IDC has weighed in on the 'who sells how many mobile phones' debate with its own figures. It has followed the consensus that Apple is now the world's third biggest phone maker. Not 'smartphone maker' but 'phone maker'. It's worth stressing the difference because both Nokia and Samsung, the two companies placed …
Hard Reg, 02 Feb 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Court defies Apple demand to ban Samsung tablet

The Munich Regional Court has chucked out an Apple request to impose a ban on the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet and on the South Korean giant's Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The court decided that the Apple-owned patent on which the Mac maker had pegged its allegation that the Samsung kit infringes its intellectual …
Hard Reg, 01 Feb 2012
Pound Sterling

Dim-but-rich buyers targeted with million pound laptop

Can this be the world's most expensive laptop? PreisCompany's pricey laptop on Amazon Certainly anyone mad enough to cough up almost £1m for this Samsung Series 7 notebook will only get themselves a machine with a standard spec: 2.2GHz Core i7 CPU, 8GB of memory, 15.6in screen, AMD Radeon HD graphics and all the other stuff …
Hard Reg, 31 Jan 2012
Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handset

Dutch retailer spills Nokia 910 beans

Confirmation - perhaps - for Russian mobile phone blogger Eldar Murtazin: a Dutch phone retailer has also claimed the Nokia Lumia 910 will sport a 12Mp camera and will sport a 4.3in, 480 x 800 display. The 910 - believed to be Lumia 800 follow-on that Europe will get in place of the 900, the LTE handset Nokia will ship in the …
Hard Reg, 30 Jan 2012

Ex-staffer: Apple assigns new workers to made up projects

Get a job at Apple and there's a very good chance the company won't tell you what product or project you're working on, says author Adam Lashinksy. According to one ex-employee, Apple may even make up products in order to test your loyalty. In Lashinksy's new book, Inside Apple - described by Apple fansite TUAW as "a quick, …
Hard Reg, 30 Jan 2012

Microsoft builds Kinect into Asus laptops

Microsoft and Asus have built a laptop with Kinect motion-sensing technology on board. Two prototype machines were recently seen, but not used, by The Daily, the website says. The two notebook PCs feature extra, Kinect-oriented distance sensors built into their screen bezels alongside their regular webcams. Microsoft is keen …
Hard Reg, 30 Jan 2012
Samsung 46in transparent LCD screen

Samsung eyes enormofridges for see-through screens

Samsung's 46in see-through LCD screen will go into production this month, paving the way for the transparent tech's appearance in ordinary folks' living rooms. Initially aimed at specialist applications - Samsung is thinking of shops, museums, railway stations, airports and such - it'll be a while before the Samsung see- …
Hard Reg, 27 Jan 2012
Mayara Rodrigues Nokia winner

Nokia exec praises Brazilian...

Nokia has shipped 1.5bn Series 40 handsets, the milestone unit being snatched up by a Brazilian lass, 21-year-old Mayara Rodrigues. The Finnish phone giant has been selling S40 phones since 1999, when it rolled out the Nokia 7110, the first mobile with a WAP browser - remember that? Nokia Asha 303 Nokia's latest S40: Asha …
Hard Reg, 25 Jan 2012
Channel Five

Watchdog bites Nokia over Lumia 800 TV 'flash ads'

UK communications regulator Ofcom has slapped the wrists of Nokia and Channel 5 for failing to make it sufficiently clear to viewers that the TV company had taken the Finnish phone giant's sponsorship Euro, part of Nokia's Lumia 800 Windows Phone handset promo programme. Nokia paid Channel 5 an undisclosed sum to sponsor the …
Hard Reg, 24 Jan 2012
Reg Hardware IPTV Week

IPTV Week: Complete Coverage

IPTV Week IPTV Week logo IPTV - television channels delivered over the internet rather than the airwaves - is in its infancy in the UK. Amazon's Lovefilm has been streaming to the web and to gadgets from games consoles to tablets to TVs for some time, and now it's up against some stiff competition: from the US, Netflix is now up and …
Hard Reg, 23 Jan 2012
Motorola Xoom

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225

Cut-price 32GB Android tablet, anyone? Dixons is now pricing the 32GB Motorola Xoom at £249 - if you can find one. And, according to readers, keying in the discount code 'Tablet 10' at the checkout will get you ten per cent off the sale price, taking the tablet down to £225. Motorola Xoom at Dixons The catch: word is …
Hard Reg, 23 Jan 2012
The Register breaking news

Boffins cook up transparent solar car roof

Like the idea of a car that has the all-round clear viewing of a convertible but doesn't let the rain in? Philips and chemicals giant BASF are working on the basis for just such a notion, using OLED technology. The two companies have created an OLED roof panel that's transparent when turned off. Turn it on and the panel …
Hard Reg, 20 Jan 2012

LG, Lovefilm sign smart TV pact

LG is to add Lovefilm to its smart TVs, the telly maker and Amazon-owned video streaming firm said today. LG's sets have so far provided access to Acetrax, a Lovefilm rival without the latter's DVD rental option. Lovefilm, meanwhile, is keen to get its service onto as many IPTV-capable platforms as possible, not merely to …
Hard Reg, 19 Jan 2012
Samsung Galaxy S II

Fresh Apple lawsuits target 15 Samsung gadgets

Apple is having another go at Samsung, telling a German court that it thinks ten of the South Korean giant's phones ape its established design language. It's going after five Samsung tablets too, in a separate action. The iPhone maker wants the Dusseldorf Regional Court to ban the allegedly offending gadgets from sale, …
Hard Reg, 17 Jan 2012
Sony MicroVault Mach USB 3.0 Flash drive

Sony goes SuperSpeed with MicroVault Mach

Sony has upgraded its MicroVault line of USB Flash drives to USB 3.0. The aluminium-cased MicroVault Mach family runs from 8GB to 64GB, and Sony promised read speeds of up to 120MBps on all the drives by the 8GB model, which runs to 60MBps. Sony MicroVault Mach USB 3.0 Flash drive Write speeds on the faster drives reach …
Hard Reg, 17 Jan 2012
iPad 2

Apple iPad 3 to sport LTE '4G'

Apple's upcoming iPad 3 will incorporate LTE connectivity, it has been claimed. If correct - and since it comes from news agency Bloomberg, quite possibly through a managed leak; common with large, influential US news outlets - it will mark a big step up in the tablet's ability to access data services on the move. Bloomberg's …
Hard Reg, 16 Jan 2012
Sony Vaio Hybrid Concept

Sony shows slider tablet

CES 2012 CES 2012 Week Sony showed off its take on the Asus Eee Pad Slider: a 10in tablet that incorporates a slide-out Qwerty keyboard. Sony Vaio Hybrid Concept Source: Sony Dubbed the Vaio Hybrid Concept, the tablet's branding - it's part of Sony's laptop and all-in-one desktop family - hints that the machine, should it ever …
Hard Reg, 13 Jan 2012

Samsung loads Netflix onto smart TVs

CES 2012 CES 2012 Week Samsung has added Netflix to its SmartTV connected telly UI. From today, a Netflix icon will appear in the SmartTV UI's Recommended section. To accompany the addition, Samsung has also updated its connected TV firmware from version 001018 to 001021, but this may not happen before your see the Netflix icon and …
Hard Reg, 12 Jan 2012
LG Cinema 3D 1mm bezel TV

LG: 1mm bezel on your telly, anyone?

CES 2012 CES 2012 Week LG's highlight at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which kicks off in Las Vegas this week: an HD TV with a bezel that's just 1mm thick. The set is part of LG's Cinema 3D line of smart TVs - in this case, it's one of the company's active 3D tellies. LG Cinema 3D 1mm bezel TV LG has used that to …
Hard Reg, 09 Jan 2012

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