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Freeview HD logo

Brits buy 3.1m Freeview HD devices

Britons have acquired 3.1m Freeview HD devices - TVs, receivers and DVRs - Freeview reported last week. In total, 18m homes have a Freeview-capable device of some kind, be it HD or standard definition. Just under 58 per cent of homes - 10.2m - pick up Freeview on a TV rather than a set-top box. There are 1.8m Freeview HD TVs …
Hard Reg, 31 Oct 2011
Lenovo C325 all-in-one desktop PC

Lenovo intros updated all-in-one

Another day, another low-cost all-in-one desktop, this time from Lenovo. It's the C325 and it's based around a 20in 1600 x 900 display - touch or non-touch, the choice is yours. So is the colour: black or white. Lenovo C325 all-in-one desktop PC There's a dual-core AMD E450 processor on board and integrated AMD Radeon HD 6320 …
Hard Reg, 26 Oct 2011
London Comics Con

London Comic Con kicks off Saturday

SF, comics and videogames fans, don't forget that London Comic Con takes place this weekend at the Capital's Excel centre. On offer are all the usual convention opportunities to spend your hard earned on books, comics, DVDs, BDs and tat. Batman: Arkham City Warner Bros is sponsoring the two-day event, so you'll have an …
Hard Reg, 25 Oct 2011

Intel Ivy Bridge set for Spring 2012 debut

'Ivy Bridge', Intel's next generation of processor technology, will be unveiled toward the end of Q1 2012 rather than the early part of the year. At its annual developer conference in September, Intel executives talking about Ivy Bridge's release unanimously used the phrase "early next year". That's usually code for the first …
Hard Reg, 21 Oct 2011
Virgin Media

ASA upholds complaint against 'best gaming' Virgin ads

Another slap on the wrist for Virgin Media from the Advertising Standards Authority: the ISP was today told not to claim its 50Mb/s broadband package is the "best for online gaming". To be fair, Virgin responded to the ASA's investigation into complaints received about an advertising feature in the June issue of PC Gaming by …
Hard Reg, 19 Oct 2011

Apple iOS 5.0 downloads drive all-time UK net traffic high

BT said its UK internet infrastructure was pumping data at a rate of up to 80Gb/s more than usual on the night Apple released iOS 5. Wednesday, 12 October 2011 saw not only the debut of iOS 5.0 but also the highest ever volume of traffic through the telco's broadband network, which feeds not only its own customers but those of …
Hard Reg, 18 Oct 2011
Apple iPhone 4 pre-order

World+Dog goes bonkers for iPhone 4S

O2 has claimed it sold more iPhone 4S handsets in the first hour the gadget has been on sale than the number of iPhone 4s it shifted in 2010. The new version of the smartphone went on sale in the UK at 8am this morning to the inevitable fan fanfare despite the grumblings of many a pundit over Apple's unwillingness to launch an …
Hard Reg, 14 Oct 2011
Advertising Standards Authority

Ads watchdog slaps down Sony smartphone battery life claim

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told Sony Ericsson never again to claim that a smartphone's battery will run for more than 18 days on a single charge without making it clear in what conditions that battery life can be achieved. The ruling follows a complaint from a punter who spotted the statement, "standby time ( …
Hard Reg, 12 Oct 2011
Virgin Media

Virgin extends network with Orange

Virgin Mobile customers can now hop onto the Orange network in areas where their own operator doesn't provide coverage for no extra cost. Virgin already had such a deal with T-Mobile. Now T-Mobile is owned, along with Orange, by Everything Everywhere, Virgin is rolling out the scheme to the third network. Slowly, though. While …
Hard Reg, 07 Oct 2011

Sony tempts Potter fans with free 3D BDs

Desperate to flog some 3D gear, Sony is to give away copies of the last to Harry Potter films - the Deathly Hallows pair - to entice punters to part with cash for one of its 3D BD players. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 3D 'I nose more about magic than you' Of course, unless the viewers also have 3D TVs, they'll miss …
Hard Reg, 07 Oct 2011
Dell Inspiron One 2320 all-in-one desktop PC

Dell updates Inspiron all-in-one desktop

Dell has upgraded its Inspiron One all-in-one desktop PC, ditiching the old model's Pentium P6100 processor for shiny new second-generation Core i Sandy Bridge chippery. The Inspiron One 2320 is based around a 23in, 1920 x 1080 display, which can be a touch-sensitive panel if you're willing to pay extra and pick that option at …
Hard Reg, 06 Oct 2011
Apple micro USB adaptor for iPhone

Apple outs iPhone micro USB adaptor

It's not only the iPhone 4S that will ship on 14 October - so too will Apple's long-promised dock-to-micro-USB adaptor. Punters eager to "use third-party micro USB cables and chargers to sync or charge your iPhone" will be able to do so for a mere consideration of £8. Apple micro USB adaptor for iPhone Apple promised in …
Hard Reg, 04 Oct 2011
Sky teaser 75

Premier League loses footie decoder case

The European Court of Justice has judged that Brits must be allowed to buy satellite TV smartcards and decoders from other single-market countries. National laws that forbid the importation and sale of such kit from other European nations are contrary to rules guarding the freedom of Europeans to trade across national borders …
Hard Reg, 04 Oct 2011
Be Broadband logo

Be steps back from fibre broadband in 2011 pledge

Be Broadband will not be implementing fibre optic connectivity any time soon, the ISP admitted yesterday, it's plans taking "longer than hoped" to put in place. In a blog post, the company said: "We’re sorry that our initial goal of fibre products this year might not be possible." Rather than establish its own fibre network - …
Hard Reg, 29 Sep 2011
iLuv iMM737 WorkStation iPad 2 desktop dock

iLuv shows desktop-style iPad dock

We've seen tablet cases that make a fondleslab operate as a laptop screen, but you'll soon be able to go for that desktop look too. Accessory maker iLuv is working on the WorkStation series, a set of docks for Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs that incorporate a speaker unit and a wired keyboard. iLuv iMM737 WorkStation iPad …
Hard Reg, 28 Sep 2011
Paul Marsh's Steampunk iPhone 4 case

Movie model maker pitches steampunk iPhone case

Fancy giving your iPhone that steampunk look? Here's a case that will do just that. Paul Marsh's Steampunk iPhone 4 case Created by SFX designer and model maker Paul Marsh, it clips on to the back of an iPhone 4, with suitable spaces for all the buttons, connectors and such. Says Paul: "The master of these cases was built …
Hard Reg, 09 Sep 2011
The Register breaking news

MS, Samsung to show Windows 8 tablet at Build

Samsung and Microsoft will show off a Windows 8 tablet next week. So says the Korea Economic Daily - by way of Agence France-Presse - which reported today that an industry mole said Samsung and Microsoft will demo the Windows 8 tablet at next week's Build developers' conference. While Samsung's current tablets run Android, it …
Hard Reg, 08 Sep 2011
Android logo

Ice Cream Sandwich Android out 'by November'

Google's next major Android release, Ice Cream Sandwich, will be out in the October-November timeframe, Eric Schmidt has revealed. Speaking at's Dreamforce conference earlier this month, Schmidt said: "We have a new operating system - which is known internally as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason - which is being …
Hard Reg, 08 Sep 2011
Atari Arcade iPad gaming accessory

Atari-branded iPad gaming gadget debuts

There's an Atari-branded alternative to the iCade iPad gaming gadget on the way. Ion Audio's offering sticks the iPad in an MDF-made cabinet that's a minature version of an original arcade unit. The joystick and control buttons communicate with the tablet over Bluetooth. Atari Arcade iPad gaming accessory Ironically, the main …
Hard Reg, 07 Sep 2011
Apple iPad 2

Battery deal points to thinner, lighter iPad 3

Apple's upcoming iPad 3 - now expected in February 2012, or thereabouts - may be rather thinner than the current model. Apple has allegedly chosen battery units for the iPad 3 that are thinner, lighter and last longer than the ones in the iPad 2. Like the latter, the new batteries are made by Taiwan's Simplo and Dynapack, local …
Hard Reg, 07 Sep 2011
Game logo

Game says sorry for site snafu

Retailer Game has publicly apologised for a foul-up that saw pre-order punters lose order details and, in some cases, even their accounts after the company's website was revamped late last week. Game's Facebook page is full of moans and groans from irate customers who say they have received games they ordered by then cancelled, …
Hard Reg, 07 Sep 2011
Motorola Xoom

Dixons drops Motorola Xoom price... again

Dixons has knocked the price of the 32GB Motorola Xoom tablet to £329 - not at all bad when you consider the fondleslab was priced at £500 at launch. And the other 32GB Xoom, the one with 3G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi, is now just £400, down from £580. Both versions run Android 3.0 Honeycomb - though Android 3.1 is now …
Hard Reg, 06 Sep 2011
The Register breaking news

Nearing iPhone 5 launch prompts operator action

World+Dog is gearing up for the iPhone 5. Deutsche Telekom today said it will begin allotting the as yet unreleased - or even announced - handset to T-Mobile subscribers by handing those who ask for one a voucher entitling them to the phone when it finally goes on sale. So said a DT spokesman who spoke to Bloomberg today. How …
Hard Reg, 05 Sep 2011
Mobile Broadband - Orange

Orange juggles broadband price plans

Orange has tweaked its set of broadband packages, claiming the move makes it the cheapest ISP in the UK. Maybe, but only if you're also an Orange mobile phone customer, which qualifies you for a £5 discount. That takes the price of the three packages to £5, £10 and £12.75, respectively. All of them incorporate "unlimited" …
Hard Reg, 05 Sep 2011
IFA 2011

IFA 2011 Complete Coverage

IFA 2011 Europe's largest consumer electronics show, held every year in Berlin, brought a bumper crop of cool kit this year. Read all about it. Tablets First look at Toshiba's Portégé Z830 Ultrabook Hands on with Acer's Aspire S3 Ultrabook Hands on with Toshiba's 'world's thinnest' Android 3.2 tablet Medion hides Android 3.2 tablet …
Hard Reg, 02 Sep 2011
Motorola Pro+ Android smatrphone

Motorola pops Pro+

Here's a handset that'll keep you awake: Motorola's new Pro+. Brits - especially those who ever had to stay up late cramming for exams - will know that, over here, ProPlus is a well-known brand of caffeine pill. Motorola Pro+ Android smatrphone Motorola's phone runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and sports a 3.1in, 640 x 480 …
Hard Reg, 31 Aug 2011
Flag United Kingdom

Smartphone net access rockets

Almost half of the UK's internet users - 45 per cent of them - accessed the net using a mobile phone in the past 12 months, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) said today. That's 6m more people than this time last year, the ONS added. Oldies are less likely to do so than youngsters, of course. Only eight per cent of folk …
Hard Reg, 31 Aug 2011
Elgato EyeTV Mobile Freeview TV dongle for iPad 2

Elgato readies iPad 2 TV tuner dongle

TV tuner specialist Elgato has come up with a plug-on Freeview pick-up for the iPad 2. Elgato EyeTV Mobile Freeview TV dongle for iPad 2 The diminutive dongle - called the EyeTV Mobile - clips onto the popular fondleslab's dock connector and pulls down digital TV signals through a telescopic micro-antenna. Power comes from …
Hard Reg, 30 Aug 2011
Wacom Inkling digital pen

Wacom intros scribble-saving wireless ink pen

Wacom wants 150 quid for its upcoming Inkling - a pen capable of saving on a computer what you draw on paper. Wacom Inkling digital pen Sound familiar? It should - the Inkling uses essentially the same trick as the IRISnotes Executive device Reg Hardware reviewed earlier this month. Both gadgets feature a real pen with built …
Hard Reg, 30 Aug 2011
Sony Reader PRS-T1 e-book reader

Sony e-book reader line to get multi-touch screen

Sony's next e-book reader has slipped out, courtesy of a Dutch retailer. subsequently pulled the page, but not before a MobileRead correspondent cut and pasted it into the forum. Sony Reader PRS-T1 e-book reader The Reader PRS-T1 sports a multitouch 6in, 600 x 800 E Ink Pearl display capable of presenting 16 shades of …
Hard Reg, 30 Aug 2011
Samsung Wave 3

Samsung outs Bada 2.0 smartphone trio

Having unveiled new Galaxy M, W and Y Android smartphones last week, the South Korean giant today updated its Wave line with similar suffixes. The Wave series uses Samsung's own OS, Bada, recently updated to version 2.0. The Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y all run Bada 2.0. They all have Bluetooth 3.0 and 72Mb/s 802.11n. Samsung Wave …
Hard Reg, 30 Aug 2011
acer logo

Acer to announce ultrabook at IFA

Acer has let slip that it will announce a super-skinny notebook of the type chip giant Intel is calling an "ultrabook" at the IFA consumer electronics show. Emailed invites to the IFA press conference don't mention the U-word, but the text of the message itself does. As you can see from the snap below, Acer promises the gadget …
Hard Reg, 26 Aug 2011

World telly shipments stall

It wouldn't be fair to say World+Dog isn't buying new tellies at the moment, but numbers from market watcher DisplaySearch show it's still a depressing businesses to be in. Some 55.5m TVs shipped in Q2 2011, down - albeit by just a single percentage point - on Q2 2010's total. Sales of all types of TV were down with one …
Hard Reg, 26 Aug 2011
Nokia 101 mobile phone

Nokia pitches cheapest voicephones yet

Voice-centric handset for 17 quid, anyone? That's what Nokia's offering in the form of the 100, a €20 handset pitched as its cheapest yet. Nokia 100 mobile phone The Nokia 100... It's a basic voicephone, of course, with texting and an FM radio as its only other key features. It'll be accompanied by the 101, which adds a …
Hard Reg, 25 Aug 2011
Motorola Fire

Motorola pitches Qwerty smartphone at FaceTweeters

Here's the Motorola Fire, the "budget-friendly" Android 2.3 smartphone the company will be bringing to Blighty in the coming months. Motorola Fire The pic tells you most of what else you need to know about the handset, but it doesn't reveal the 3Mp camera, 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, assisted GPS pick-up, and dual-band HSDPA …
Hard Reg, 24 Aug 2011
LG LSM-100 mouse scanner photo

LG to demo mouse with diddy doc scanner

Remember those handheld documents scanners that became all the rage in the late 1980s? LG is bringing them back, kind of, by building scanner tech into… a mouse. LG LSM-100 mouse scanner photo The LSM-100 comes with software able to convert pictures of letters into text files - hopefully with rather better accuracy than its …
Hard Reg, 24 Aug 2011
The Register breaking news

2012 to be year of the ultrabook

World+Dog will next year be after ultra-skinny laptops running Windows 8. So says Simon Lin, chairman of Wistron, a Taiwanese contract manufacturer specialising in notebooks. The slimline MacBook Air-style machines - dubbed by Intel "ultrabooks" - will be a key growth driver in 2012, Lin said during a chat with DigiTimes. They …
Hard Reg, 22 Aug 2011
LG Optimus Sol

LG lights up smartphone for the sunshine

LG has brought a sun-friendly Android smartphone out into the light. The Optimus Sol is based around a 3.8in OLED screen that LG confidently claimed is "one of the best displays on the market" that's "easy to see even in bright and sunny conditions". LG Optimus Sol As an OLED, the screen only consumes power when a given pixel …
Hard Reg, 22 Aug 2011
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

Sony Ericsson outs social music smartphone

Sony Ericsson is to mix music and social networking in a new smartphone. The Live with Walkman runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and sports what SE called "deep Facebook integration", which basically means building Facecrack links into all the key apps. Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman The handset has a Walkman button to trigger …
Hard Reg, 22 Aug 2011
The Register breaking news

Snap said to show iPhone 5s being stacked by bunnies

Are these handsets behind placed in palettes by workers in cleanroom clothing - aka bunny suits - actually iPhone 5s? iPhone 5 in China A Chinese Twitter post relayed by a Vietnamese website claims they are, and that the snap is proof the new handsel will sport a larger display - hence the seeminly more narrow bezel - than …
Hard Reg, 18 Aug 2011
The Register breaking news

World+Dog to get keen on consoles next year

Consumer spending on games consoles and software will begin to bounce back next year - after a slide of a few percentage points between 2010 and 2011 - thanks, in part, to the Wii U. So says market watcher IDC, which reckons that developed markets, seemingly sated appetite for gaming, will soon be hungry for next-gen consoles, …
Hard Reg, 18 Aug 2011
Apple MacBook Air 11.6in

Intel says no to massive ultrabook CPU price cut

Intel has apparently rejected demands from notebook makers that it slash the cost of its ultrabook chips. Manufacturers keen to release skinny laptops along the lines of Apple's MacBook Air range say Intel's products need to be cheaper if they're to comptete. The inevitable unnamed sources say vendors asked the CPU giant for a …
Hard Reg, 16 Aug 2011
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson signals Xperia X10 Gingerbread update

Sony Ericsson has posted Android 2.3 Gingerbread for last year's Xperia X10 smartphone. The phone maker promised the much sought after upgrade back in March, saying the software would arrive "late Q2/early Q3". Later, it revised that timeframe to early August. But we're still in late July, and here's Gingerbread. Sony Ericsson …
Hard Reg, 27 Jul 2011
Seagate Barracuda XT

Apple recalls 1TB Seagate HDDs

Apple is recalling a "very small number" of Seagate-made internal 1TB hard drives fitted in 21.5in and 27in iMacs sold earlier this year. The machines shipped between May and July. Some of the drives have failed, prompting the recall. Apple said it will replace the drives free of charge, though you'll have to take your machine …
Hard Reg, 25 Jul 2011
The Register breaking news

Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.7.2

If Mac OS X 10.7 - aka Lion - is giving your Mac a mauling, a big-fixing update may be just around the corner. Apple has released 10.7.2 to developers, albeit those particularly working on iCloud compatibility. iCloud is Apple's Dropbox-style online file sync'n'store service, due to go live in the Autumn. There's no sign of 10. …
Hard Reg, 25 Jul 2011
Virgin Media

Virgin confirms only half of UK will get its 100MB/s broadband

Virgin Media today lauded its 100MB/s broadband service, which is now connectable to 6.5m homes - a quarter of the UK's total, it claimed. But the company confirmed that only half the nation will get access to the service, which will be completely rolled out by mid-2012. At that point, "nearly 13m homes" may, if they wish, …
Hard Reg, 20 Jul 2011
LaCie Rugged Mini

LaCie reduced Rugged HDD size not capacity

LaCie has shrunk its rubber-wrapped Rugged external hard drive. Well, a little. Despite the word "Mini" being appended to the new drive's handle, it's not radically smaller than the current Rugged. LaCie Rugged Mini It's 135 x 86 x 19mm to the regular Rugged's 145 x 90 x 28mm - 40 per cent smaller by volume, but only a …
Hard Reg, 20 Jul 2011
PC Authority Toshiba Tablet Pic

Toshiba pledges fix for sleepy tablets

Toshiba has confirmed the 'Sleep of Death' bug affecting some of its Thrive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablets. Thrive went live in the US earlier this month. It has yet to be released over here. A number of buyers in the States have complained that, after they press the power key to turn off the tablet's screen, the display never …
Hard Reg, 19 Jul 2011
Acer TravelMate 8481

Acer flings forth SSD-booting, HDD-data-storing laptop

Acer has built both an SSD and a hard drive into its latest laptop, the 13in TravelMate 8481. Pick one up and you get 320GB of magnetic storage for data and such, but the 8481 also has a 64GB mSata form-factor SSD to quick-load the OS and your apps. Acer TravelMate 8481 The 8481's battery life runs to nine hours, Acer claimed …
Hard Reg, 15 Jul 2011
Amazon logo 75

Amazon discounts current MacBook Air line

Evidence for Apple's imminent MacBook Air revamp - well, circumstantial evidence - comes from which has begun emailing customers with the offer of discounts on the current models. Amazon Macbook air ad To be fair, the discounts are small - between five and six per cent off the standard price - and Amazon may simply …
Hard Reg, 15 Jul 2011