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Sky 3D soccer fails to score

Hands Eyes On As Manchester United scored its first goal against Arsenal yesterday at the Emirates Stadium, a lucky few secretly soaked up another football triumph: the world’s first football match broadcast in 3D. The game was the first live sporting event broadcast over Sky’s soon-to-launch 3D TV channel, and I was invited down to one of …
James Sherwood, 01 Feb 2010
Nokia N97

Nokia updates N97 firmware

Nokia has taken steps to improve the N97’s call stability and touchscreen by releasing a firmware update for the handset. Nokia N97 Mini Nokia's N97 update improves call stability and touchscreen operation The firm’s online forum contains several user rants about the N97’s alleged inability to keep hold of calls. Others …
James Sherwood, 01 Feb 2010

Lens firm promises shake-free cameraphones

Cameraphones will sport much improved image stabilisation within a year, lens manufacturer Varioptic has promised. The company has designed its first lens to feature optical image stabilisation (OIS) and yet is also small enough to fit inside a cameraphone. Varioptic expects phone firms to launch handsets featuring the lens, …
James Sherwood, 29 Jan 2010

Sony slams colour e-paper quality

The quality of electronic paper is not yet high enough for Sony to develop a colour e-book reader, an executive at the company has said. Fujio Noguchi, Deputy President of Sony’s digital reading business, said during a recent press conference that while the company is “considering making colour e-book readers” there “is no …
James Sherwood, 29 Jan 2010

Moto to make Nexus One version two?

Motorola’s CEO has confirmed that the company is developing a “consumer device” in partnership with Google. While announcing Moto’s fourth-quarter financial results – we’ll zip through those in a minute — Sanjay Jha said the company will launch “at least one direct-to-consumer device with Google” in 2011. The CEO’s comment …
James Sherwood, 29 Jan 2010

GTA IV updates coming to PS3

Downloadable updates for violent videogame Grand Theft Auto IV will finally be available for the PlayStation 3 in March. The game’s publisher, Rockstar, has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, which contains both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony episodes, will be offered for download over …
James Sherwood, 29 Jan 2010

First mass-produced camera heads to auction

An extremely rare model of the world’s first commercially produced camera will be auctioned later this year. Daguerreotype_01 The Daguerreotype originally cost 400 French Francs - an average yearly salary in 1839 The Giroux Daguerreotype camera was designed by Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre and produced in 1839. It will be …
James Sherwood, 29 Jan 2010

World+Dog jumps on iPad accessory bandwagon

The iPad was uncloaked fewer than 24 hours ago, but manufacturers — and Apple itself — are already tripping over one another to launch accessories for the still unavailable tablet. ipad_keyboard_dock Apple's iPad Keyboard Dock: physical keys, USB power and audio-out Apple’s most noteworthy accessory has to be the iPad …
James Sherwood, 28 Jan 2010

Nokia adds police radar to handset

Police use radar guns to snare speeding drivers. Now Nokia has adapted the technology to improve the way people interact with mobile phones. The “active radar sensor” – nicknamed Mobile Radar by Nokia – is capable of measuring speed and direction of movement. The technology behind the sensor is a closely guarded secret, but …
James Sherwood, 28 Jan 2010

Apple iPad to hit UK this March

Apple has confirmed that its iPad tablet will appear in Blighty the month after next. A late March UK iPad arrival is all Apple’s European PR team is willing to say for now. The company hasn’t confirmed what the device’s starting price will be, and the March launch is only expected to apply to the Wi-Fi iPad. Even in the US, …
James Sherwood, 28 Jan 2010

Sky 3D to launch in April

Sky has confirmed that its long-awaited 3D TV channel will launch in April. And the broadcaster plans to kick things off this weekend with 3D footie coverage at nine British boozers. The 3D TV service will work with all existing Sky+ HD boxes and will “initially” be available at no extra cost to customers already signed up to …
James Sherwood, 28 Jan 2010
Warning: aircraft

Kiwi airline adds PC, iPod support

Gadget-laden long-haul travellers could do worse than fly Air New Zealand, because the Kiwi airline has just equipped its cheapest seats with a plethora of PC and iPod portage. Called a “Skycouch”, the redesigned economy seat features an “entertainment system” comprising a PC power plug, USB connection – probably not USB 3.0, …
James Sherwood, 27 Jan 2010

Teen attacks father in Fifa 2009 fight

Critics often blame violent videogames when any youth who owns a console steals or stabs. But a teenager in Italy has proven that violent games aren’t always the driver for physical brutality. The perhaps aptly-named Mario – aged 16 and from Rome – allegedly stabbed his father with a kitchen knife earlier this week following …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2010

Nokia's X6 now Doesn’t Come With Music

Nokia has updated its X6 Comes With Music (CWM) handset with a rehashed model that... er... doesn’t come with music. The Finnish phone giant unveiled its X-series handset line – the successor to its established XpressMusic range — in September 2009. Nokia_X6_02 Nokia's X6 now comes with...just 16GB The X6 was the first …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2010

Windows Mobile 7 to arrive on HTC smartphone?

HTC’s Touch Diamond 2 bagged the Editor’s Choice award among Register Hardware’s top Windows Mobile smartphone of 2009. But it appears the firm is already working on a successor, this time designed to run Windows Mobile 7. The successor will be known as both the HTC Diamond 3 and the Obsession. HTC had planned to launch the …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2010

Panasonic intros compact camera foursome

Panasonic has kicked off 2010 by refreshing its compact camera line-up, launching four models to cater for everyone from first-time shooters to photography feature fanatics. Panasonic_TZ10_001 TZ10 The Lumix DMC-TZ10 included all the usual shooting features – such as face detection, geo-tagging and 720p video capture – you …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2010
HP Logo

HP talks up slate launch

HP has confirmed plans to launch a tablet later this year, hinting that the machine will cost considerably less than $1500 (£930). The PC giant teamed up with Microsoft to unveil the tablet – currently unofficially referred to as the HP Slate – at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month. Phil McKinney, CTO of HP …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2010

Multi-million investment hints at UK battery swap shops

Leccy Tech A UK rollout of Better Place’s battery swapping system now looks all the more certain. The firm has just secured a $350m (£216m) investment from some of the world’s largest banks. The money - $125m (£77m) of which was provided by HSBC – will be used to help Better Place “expand its geographic footprint” by expanding into …
James Sherwood, 25 Jan 2010
PS3 Motion Controller

Sony registers 'PlayStationArc' domain name

Evidence is mounting that Sony’s motion controller wand for the PlayStation 3 will be officially called the Arc. domain_name_sony_Arc The website is owned by Sony Sony announced last week that the wireless unit will hit the UK this autumn, but stressed that “Motion Controller” may not be gadget’s …
James Sherwood, 25 Jan 2010
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia app to stream live skydive record attempt

Nokia has designed an application to let mobile phone users watch in real time skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s upcoming attempt at breaking the sound barrier. The Austrian extreme sportsman plans to jump from a parachute at a height of roughly 120,000ft. Baumgartner hopes to become the first person to break the sound barrier – …
James Sherwood, 25 Jan 2010

Galaxy Portal joins Samsung's Android gang

A smartphone with augmented reality at its heart has been unveiled as Samsung’s latest addition to its growing UK portfolio of Android mobiles. First seen back in September 2009 and subsequently delayed by Samsung for unspecified reasons, the Galaxy Portal handset – also known as the i5700 – is available exclusively through T- …
James Sherwood, 25 Jan 2010

UK PS3 sales exceed 3m units

UK sales of the PlayStation 3 recently surpassed 3m units, Sony has claimed. Some 2.2m PS3s had already been sold across the land by July 2009, according to Sony. So the company sold 800,000-odd units between the summer and the tail end of last week, when the new sales total was published. The console still has some way to go …
James Sherwood, 25 Jan 2010

BBC and ITV chase gaming cash

ITV and the BBC will soon fight it out for more than just viewer numbers. It has emerged than both broadcasters are to create videogame versions of their most popular TV shows. Auntie has announced ambitions to transform a selection of shows, including Top Gear and Doctor Who, into games - the latter has been done plenty of …
James Sherwood, 22 Jan 2010

Zero-power LCD aims to reduce paper use

Pen and paper remains the simplest and often quickest way of scribbling down messages. Now US-based screen manufacturer Kent Displays has launched a power-free LCD writing tablet designed to reduce the world’s paper use. boogie_board_01 Kent Displays' Boogie Board: create electronic images without power The Boogie Board …
James Sherwood, 22 Jan 2010

Rickets rise linked to excessive gaming

The number of British kids suffering from the deficiency disease rickets is soaring, medical experts have claimed. The cause: too many hours indoors playing videogames. Professor Simon Pearce and Tim Cheetham, both of Newcastle University, wrote in the British Medical Journal this week that rickets – which can cause sufferers …
James Sherwood, 22 Jan 2010

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