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Tony Hawk Ride

Activision Tony Hawk Ride skateboard controller

Review Trying your hand at skateboarding without falling on your bum or grazing your knees is now possible, all thanks to a videogame. Based on pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk it has been developed to allow you to perform virtual ollies, grinds and flip tricks using a wireless skateboard peripheral. Tony Hawk Ride Ride comes before a …
James Sherwood, 16 Apr 2010
Gyration Air Mouse Elite

Gyration Air Mouse Elite

Review Gyration’s accelerometer technology forms the backbone of the Nintendo Wii’s Remote that supports gesture recognition, so with sort of pedigree, I was expecting big things from the manufacturer’s latest peripheral, the Air Mouse Elite. It's a wireless mouse that also functions as a remote control for your PC and whole lot more …
James Sherwood, 13 Apr 2010
Race Telcom WiGoMo One

Race Telcom WiGoMo One

Review Tracking someone’s location using GPS technology is often regarded as sneaky or underhand, but what if you’re simply a paranoid protective parent craving the security of knowing your child’s whereabouts – day or night? Race Telcom WiGoMo One Intensive care: Race Telcom's WiGoMo One and GPS beacon Manufacturer Race Telecom …
James Sherwood, 02 Mar 2010

Microsoft to end Live support for old-school Xbox

Microsoft has announced it will soon no longer support the original Xbox console on its Live online service. From 15 April, Microsoft will "discontinue Xbox Live service for original Xbox consoles and games", according to the software giant’s Major Nelson blog. The decision will also impact Xbox 360 owners - specifically, …
James Sherwood, 05 Feb 2010

Cambridge Uni to probe games' impact on kids

Some people believe videogames affect a child’s physical and mental behaviour, while others will swear blind that they don’t. Now Cambridge University hopes to discover the truth and has created a department dedicated to studying the messages kids absorb from “cultural sources”. The university’s Centre for Children's …
James Sherwood, 05 Feb 2010

Chinese e-tailer lights up ciggie-lighter phone for smokers

Online gadget retailer Chinavasion has launched a mobile phone with integrated... cigarette lighter. Smoking_phone_01 Chinavasion's Machismo: puff while you chat The Machismo is supposedly “the world’s hottest cigarette lighter mobile phone”. Actually, it's probably the world's only cigarette lighter mobile phone. A “ …
James Sherwood, 04 Feb 2010

Sony 'actively thinking' about PSN access fee

The possibility that PlayStation owners could be forced to pay for access the console’s online network has reared its ugly head again, following comments by a Sony executive. In a recent interview, Peter Dille, Senior VP of marketing and PlayStation Network at Sony Computer Entertainment America, admitted that the company is …
James Sherwood, 04 Feb 2010

Sony, Vodafone vie for X10 UK launch first

Sony Ericsson intends to beat Vodafone to the launch of its first Android-based smartphone, the Xperia X10. Vodafone has updated its X10 webpage to say that the smartphone is “coming soon”, with April named as the specific month. SE_X10_Vodafone Vodafone will launch the X10 in April However, staff from Sony Ericsson’s …
James Sherwood, 04 Feb 2010

PS3 sales up, says Sony

Sony recorded a strong rise in PlayStation 3 hardware and software sales during its third 2009 fiscal quarter. During the three-month period ended 31 December 2009, Sony shifted 6.5m PS3s – up from 4.5m units of the console during the same period in 2008. Sony also saw a rise in PS3 software sales, from 40.8m units in Q3 2008 …
James Sherwood, 04 Feb 2010
Imogen Heap - Ellipse

Singer wears ‘Twitter dress’ to Grammys

A British singer-songwriter was spotted at the US Grammy Awards this week wearing a hi-tech dress that displays Twitter posts. Solo electro-pop artist and erstwhile Frou Frou vocalist Imogen Heap – her 1998 debut album was called iMegaphone – wore a customised dress to the music industry awards night in Los Angeles that …
James Sherwood, 04 Feb 2010

Yes! It's the iPad jacket!

‘Is that an iPad in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?’ If you’re wearing the latest gadget jacket from geek clothing firm Scottevest then your answer will probably be the former. ipad_jacket Scottevest's Travel Vest: the World's first iPad compatible coat? That’s because the company’s Travel Vest - North …
James Sherwood, 03 Feb 2010

UK suffers videogame 2009 sales blow

The games industry is often perceived as going from strength to strength, with titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 claiming record sales figures. But 2009 actually saw UK sales plunge, market watchers said today. Over-the-counter unit sales of console games were down six per cent compared to 2008's figure. Sales of …
James Sherwood, 03 Feb 2010
World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

World of Warcraft auctions coming to iPhone

World of Warcraft fans will soon be granted access to the game’s auction houses through their iPhones. Publisher Blizzard has announced plans to add the feature to its free Mobile Armory app, which was released in July 2009. Auction houses are described as the “central hub for buying and selling goods” in WoW. Such houses …
James Sherwood, 03 Feb 2010

Dell unveils ultra-skinny Latitude laptop

Dell has taken its ultra-thin business-centric Vostro V13 notebook and tweaked it for suits. The Latitude 13 is a real “beauty” – says Dell — but one with brains. The machine contains your choice of an Intel CULV Celeron or Core 2 Duo processor, supports “remote manageability” and disk encryption through a Trusted Platform …
James Sherwood, 03 Feb 2010

Nikon names world's slimmest 10x zoom shooter

Nikon has developed what it claims is the world’s slimmest compact camera with a wide-angle lens and 10x optical zoom. Nikon_S8000_01 Nikon's S8000 Coolpix: slim body, 10x optical zoom The S8000 Coolpix measures 27.3mm from front to back and manages to cram in a 3in LCD screen. Images snapped on the S8000's 14.2Mp image …
James Sherwood, 03 Feb 2010
Apple iPhone 3G S

Apple updates iPhone OS

Apple has posted an iPhone firmware update that, it claims, delivers improved battery analysis on the 3GS, while also fixing bugs. Version 3.1.3 – also compatible with the iPod Touch – improves the 3GS’ ability to detect how much battery power it has left, Apple said. The update – which supersedes version 3.1.2, released back …
James Sherwood, 03 Feb 2010

Designer pitches iPad gaming wheel

Wacky iPad accessories are slowly starting to surface, with one designer convinced that a steering wheel is what’s required if you hope to play games on the Apple tablet. The iDrift, designed by Michael Greenberg, is essentially two thin, circular plastic halves that fix onto either side on the iPad, turning Apple’s tablet …
James Sherwood, 02 Feb 2010

First Vaio laptop with numberpad hits UK

Sony has crafted yet another good-looking, high-spec Vaio. But this one’s different from the others: it’s the first Vaio laptop to feature a full-size numerical keypad. Sony_Vaio_E Sony's Vaio E: dedicated keys for letters and numbers To complement the Vaio E’s keyboard, Sony has given the laptop an “extra-narrow bezel” …
James Sherwood, 02 Feb 2010

Eco Vaio netbook en route to Blighty

The UK will take delivery of an “environmentally friendly” Vaio netbook later this month, Sony has said. Sony_Vaio_W_01 Sony's Vaio W: made of recycled plastics The Vaio W – unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month and already available Stateside – is an “eco edition” netbook, Sony said, because the …
James Sherwood, 02 Feb 2010

Sony and Arsenal to stream match highlights to PSPs

Sony has released an application that will to stream live football footage to PSP-clad Arsenal fans. As we reported in January 2009, the PSP app – officially called Arsenal TV Matchday+ - can be used by fans at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium to watch goal replays during a match. The app also provides slow-motion footage, Arsenal …
James Sherwood, 02 Feb 2010

Movea waves in free-space mouse

Consoles look set to shift to motion-based controllers - witness the Xbox 360’s Project Natal — so PC peripherals manufacturer Movea has launched a mouse that responds to “natural hand movements”. The Gyration Air Mouse Elite contains Movea’s proprietary motion-sensing technology that it promised enables users to control …
James Sherwood, 02 Feb 2010

FujiFilm intros 'ultimate' all-in-one camera

FujiFilm has launched a bridge camera touted simply as the “ultimate” all-in-one shooter. FujiFilm_HS10 FujiFilm's HS10: the "ultimate" all-in-one camera? The FinePix HS10’s 24-720mm integrated mechanical lens offers an impressive 30x optical zoom. Images are snapped at 10.3Mp. Taking its lead from many existing digital …
James Sherwood, 02 Feb 2010

Sony Ericsson preps BlackBerry-style WinMo phone

Sony Ericsson (SE) has taken another stab at Windows Mobile, launching a business-grade handset based on the Microsoft mobile OS. SE_Aspen_02 Sony Ericsson's Aspen: WinMo 6.5.3-based and slightly eco-friendly SE's only Windows Mobile device to date was the Xperia X1. The new model, called the Aspen, runs Windows Mobile 6. …
James Sherwood, 02 Feb 2010

UK mum lost 50kg with 'Wii Fit diet'

A British woman who used to tip the scales at 114kg (18 stone) has proclaimed that Wii Fit saved her life, after she lost a whopping 50kg playing the Nintendo videogame. In just one year, Laura Roberts of Farnborough, Hampshire went from size 22 to size 10 by exercising with Wii Fit for one hour each day, the News of The World …
James Sherwood, 01 Feb 2010

Sony heralds 'Greenest Company of 2009' award

Sony today claimed its eco credentials have been given a boost after an environmental blog named the electronics giant “the greenest company of 2009”. Sony has “proven over the last year that being environmentally friendly and profitable can go hand in hand”, said Chris Ingham-Brooke, Editor of website Environmental Graffiti …
James Sherwood, 01 Feb 2010

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