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Nokia N95 8GB smartphone

Review Nokia has boosted the spec of one of its most popular smartphones, bolting in 8GB of Flash memory and refining key features. So is the latest version of the N95 a refreshing update for Nokia’s flagship multimedia, GPS-toting mobile? Nokia N95 8GB smartphone Nokia's N95 8GB: stacks more memory Unlike most upgrades, where …
Phil Lattimore, 14 Jan 2008

Sony Ericsson Walkman W910i motion-controlled phone

Review Sony Ericsson takes moving to the music literally with its motion-sensor based “shake control” track-changing gadgetry. But there’s far more to the HSDPA 3G-enabled Walkman W910i phone than slick moves. The W910i's slick sliderphone design also nods firmly in the direction of Sony Ericsson’s W880i slimline candybar - reviewed …
Phil Lattimore, 21 Dec 2007

LG KU990 Viewty cameraphone

Review Touchscreen mobiles are destined to be a hot ticket for the foreseeable future, but with the touch-controlled KU990 Viewty from LG there’s far more than screen-fingering novelty to tap your attention. The Viewty - daft name, it has to be said - adopts the stylish look and feel of LG's Prada phone released earlier this year but …
Phil Lattimore, 30 Nov 2007

Nokia 6110 Navigator GPS phone

Review Nokia has decided satellite navigation is where it’s at. The Finnish phone giant released its first GPS-enabled mobiles this year, and is promising a whole heap more for 2008. And its multi-billion dollar purchase of map supplier Navteq leaves no doubt how seriously Nokia is taking sat nav. The pertinently-monikered 6110 …
Phil Lattimore, 20 Nov 2007

HTC TyTN II smartphone

Review Don’t you just love it when a good product is tweaked ever-so-slightly to make it much better? Not just gadget tick-list bonus points, or fashion-conscious dabbling, but genuine changes that do the business. HTC's TyTN II, first announced back in August, is evidence that the Taiwanese manufacturer has done just that. Like the …
Phil Lattimore, 08 Nov 2007

T-Mobile Sidekick Slide messaging phone

Review Whenever the Sidekick is mentioned, the phrases “big in the States” and “Paris Hilton” inevitably follow. But, despite several attempts by T-Mobile to propel the Danger-designed device into the mainstream, it has so far failed to get Britain's youth ditching their Nokias and Walkman phones en masse. The Slide is the first of the …
Phil Lattimore, 01 Nov 2007

Motorola Razr 2 V8 mobile phone

Review To say it’s been difficult for Motorola to follow up the massive hit of the Razr V3 with something better is an understatement. Since its release to the sounds of jaws dropping in mid-2004, the Razr has gone from high-end must-have to mass-market. Now comes the Razr 2 V8, billed as the next-gen V3. So does it offer more than …
Phil Lattimore, 26 Oct 2007