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Sapphire Edge HD

Sapphire Edge HD

Review Looking more like a router than a PC, Sapphire’s Edge-HD makes the recently-reviewed Zino HD 410 from Dell look positively huge. Sapphire rather hesitantly states that it “believes” the Edge-HD to be the smallest PC in the world. Whether or not it’s a world-beater is therefore up for debate, but with dimensions of 193 x 148 x …
Will Stapley, 21 Mar 2011
Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

Review With decent media streamers available for under £150 and many TVs featuring built-in network capabilities, getting content on your telly through a fully-fledged mini desktop PC might seem like a rather expensive way to do things. Still, that hasn’t stopped Dell from refining its Zino mini PC series, with the Zino HD 410 being …
Will Stapley, 01 Mar 2011
Samsung N350

Samsung N350 dual-core netbook

Review The debate as to whether netbooks are evolving fast enough rages on. Some say manufacturers are guilty of laziness by continuing to churn out similar models, while others argue that there’s simply no need for netbooks to evolve like standard laptops and that more attention should be put into making them cheaper. Samsung N350 …
Will Stapley, 27 Jan 2011
Samsung N230

Samsung N230

Review With the majority of netbooks - and indeed laptops - sporting glossy displays, Samsung is sticking its neck out by giving the N230’s 10.1in panel a matte coating. While this minimises reflections from overhead lighting, windows and other light sources, it also means it’s not quite as vibrant as netbooks with a glossy screen …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3

Review With a chequered design on the lid, Lenovo’s S10-3 certainly stands out from the crowd. It has a few differences inside too, and this model - the M33DDUK - benefits from a built-in 3G module. Slip in a Sim card and the internet will follow you on your travels. The S10-3 isn’t picky as to which mobile operator you’re with, and it …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
HP Mini 210

HP Mini 210

Review With its curved chassis, HP’s Mini 210 has a slightly different look to most netbooks. Usability is good and the keyboard stretches right to the very edges. And with responsive, well-spaced keys, it has one of the best netbook keyboards I’ve ever typed on. The only anomaly is arrow key section – the up and down keys are shrunk …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
Asus Eee PC T101MT

Asus Eee PC T101MT

Review The Eee PC T101MT differs from the majority of netbooks in a number of ways, with the flip-and-twist touchscreen display being the most obvious. Asus Eee PC T101MT The screen is multi-touch - although only recognises two fingers at a time - and also of the resistive variety, so it requires a slightly firmer touch compared to …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
Toshiba NB250

Toshiba NB250

Review With a very plasticy shell and a rather odd rough texture both inside and out, the NB250 has a rather cheap feel to it. It’s one of the few netbooks to make use of Intel’s Atom N455. Although very similar to the N450 - 1.66GHz clock speed, single-core, 45nm etc. - the N455 supports DDR 3 memory. With this in mind, Toshiba has …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
Acer Aspire One D260

Acer Aspire One D260

Review Acer has churned out some impressive models in its Aspire One series, and the D260 is its latest creation. At 1.21kg, it’s one of the lightest 10.1in netbooks available, and throughout testing it remained impressively cool with no significant hotspots on the keyboard or wrist rest. Acer Aspire One D260 The keyboard is of the …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
Eee PC Girl

Buyer's Guide: Netbooks

Group Test With so many netbooks vying for your attention, choosing which model to go for isn’t the easiest of decisions to make. In contrast with most other technology purchases, performance is one of the least important factors. Almost all netboooks use Intel’s Atom processor, and although there are a range of Atoms available you’re very …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
Eee PC Girl

Netbooks Best Buys

Group Test So which netbooks get the thumbs up? As far as performance goes, they’re all essentially in the same boat, so the judgement comes down to usability, features, battery life and price. You can see the similarity in performance from the test results: PCMark 05 Group Test: Netbooks Longer bars are better Video Playback Battery …
Will Stapley, 01 Sep 2010
Samsung R780

Samsung R780 17.3in laptop

Review Samsung’s R780 has clearly been designed to get noticed. The glossy, deep-red chassis and slightly nauseating swirly line motif won’t appeal to those who like their laptops to be subtle, but it does make it stand out from the crowd. Personally speaking, I quite like it. That said, I also quite liked the design of Acer’s Ethos, …
Will Stapley, 26 Aug 2010
Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G

Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G 18.4in laptop

Review Stylish and powerful, the new 18.4in Aspire Ethos 8943G will appeal to those looking for a desktop replacement that doesn’t hold back on performance. Each of the four cores on the Core i7-720QM purr along at 1.6GHz, while ATI’s Mobility Radeon HD 5650 is on hand should you want to indulge in a bit of gaming. Throw in a Blu-ray …
Will Stapley, 29 Jul 2010
Advent MT22

Advent MT22 21.5in touchscreen all-in-one desktop

Review Although best known for its low cost PCs and laptops, Advent does occasionally produce slightly more interesting models. Its new MT22 all-in-one PC is a case in point, and follows on from previous attempts such as the AIO-100 and AIO-156. Advent MT22 Advent’s MT22: finger friendly all-in-one Based around a 21.5in touchscreen …
Will Stapley, 20 Jul 2010
Waterfall Niagara

Waterfall Niagara speakers

Review The UK is slowly trudging its way through an economic crisis and belts are being tightened across the country, so what better time to announce a new set of speakers with a price tag of £25,000? Waterfall Niagara Waterfall's Niagaras: cascade of sound? Yes, that’s right, for a smidgen less than what many people earn in a year …
Will Stapley, 09 Jul 2010
Packard Bell Easynote LM

Packard Bell EasyNote LM 17in laptop

Review Back in May I reviewed Packard Bell’s dot S2 netbook and was disappointed to find it was little more than a Aspire One 532h rebranded from parent company Acer. I was therefore pleased to see the new EasyNote LM looks totally unlike any of Acer’s 17in Aspires and Timelines. Packard Bell EasyNote LM Packard Bell’s EasyNote LM: …
Will Stapley, 28 Jun 2010
Sony Vaio P Series

Sony Vaio P netbook

Review Sony manages to conjure up some lovely pieces of kit, but it also has a tendency to slap outrageous price tags on them. And this was no more apparent than when it launched the Vaio P-Series last year. Sony Vaio P Series Sony’s Vaio P: small, light, but darned expensive Small and sexy, the original P-Series was designed to …
Will Stapley, 15 Jun 2010
TomTom Start2

TomTom Start2 satnav

Review TomTom’s entry-level Start satnav got the RegHardware treatment back at the tail end of 2009, with the overall judgement being that it was a decent enough piece of kit but just a little too pricey. TomTom Start2 The Start2 – TomTom’s update to its no-nonsense satnav Now TomTom has released an updated version in the form of …
Will Stapley, 08 Jun 2010
Dell XT2 XFR Rugged

Dell Latitude XT2 XFR ruggedised laptop

Review Dell’s XT2 tablet PC has been around for just over a year, and now the company has come up with a fully-ruggedised version in the form of the XT2 XFR. Able to withstand drops, freezing temperatures and rain, it’s primarily aimed at those who have to cope with something a little more testing than a daily commute on the train. …
Will Stapley, 19 May 2010
Packard Bell Dot S2

Packard Bell dot S2

Review It’s been a couple of years since Acer gobbled up Packard Bell as part of its quest for world domination, and the Taiwanese giant seems perfectly happy to continue churning out netbooks under both brands. Packard Bell Dot S2 Another dotty netbook from Packard Bell The dot S2 is the latest in a long line of slightly …
Will Stapley, 18 May 2010
Dell Studio 17

Dell Studio 17 touchscreen notebook

Review When it comes to mobile phones, tablet PCs or one of those brightly-coloured public access kiosks you find in airports and shopping centres, touchscreen displays make perfect sense. They do away with the need for a space-consuming keyboard and let the display take up the majority of the device. Dell Studio 17 Dell's Studio 17: …
Will Stapley, 05 May 2010
Acer Aspire One 532

Acer Aspire One 532

Review If you thought the netbook market was already flooded, Intel’s recently-launched 'Pine Trail' platform means you can expect another new batch to come through. We’ve already seen Asus’ take on Pine Trail with the Eee PC 1005PE - reviewed here. Now we have Acer’s Aspire One 532h. Acer Aspire One 532 Acer's Aspire One 532: 'Pine …
Will Stapley, 22 Mar 2010
Samsung N220

Samsung N220

Review Ever since Samsung released its first netbook in 2008 - it was the NC10 - it’s been churning out new models like there’s no tomorrow. And with the recent arrival of Intel’s second-gen Atom 'Pine Trail' platform, it’s no surprise Samsung has taken the opportunity to get some new netbooks to market. Samsung N220 Matte screen fans …
Will Stapley, 19 Feb 2010
Asus G51J 3D

Asus G51J

Review Late last year we were left somewhat underwhelmed with Acer’s attempt at a 3D laptop. The Aspire 5738DZG was underpowered, making 3D gaming nigh-on impossible. Now Asus has entered the fray, with the G51J 3D, which handles the whole 3D thing in a very different way. Asus G51J 3D Asus’ G51J 3D: combining 3D and raw power …
Will Stapley, 28 Jan 2010
Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

Review Given its unparalleled success in the mobile phone market, it was only a matter of time before Nokia tried its hand at creating a laptop. The Finnish manufacturer isn’t keen on its Booklet 3G being called a netbook, though. Instead, ‘mini laptop’ is the preferred term. But with features such as 10.1in screen and Intel Atom …
Will Stapley, 12 Jan 2010
Sony Vaio CW

Sony Vaio CW

Review Sony’s Vaio laptops aren’t perhaps best-known for their good value, but with an Intel Core 2 Duo P7450, Nvidia GeForce 230M graphics and a £699 price tag, this latest model seems to buck the trend. Sony Vaio VPCCW1S1E Sony’s VPCCW1S1E: terrible name, terrific looks Part of the CW series, the VPCCW1S1E might not have the most …
Will Stapley, 10 Dec 2009
Acer 5738DZG

Acer Aspire 5738DZG 3D 15.6in notebook

Review Despite its obvious appeal, 3D hasn’t really taken off as far as computers are concerned. However, things seem to be picking up pace of late, and Acer is the latest to get in on the game with what it claims is the world’s first 3D-capable laptop. Acer 5738DZG Acer’s Aspire 5738DZG: 3D comes to the laptop Before delving into …
Will Stapley, 08 Dec 2009
Samsung X520

Samsung X520 notebook

Review With smooth, curved edges and an eye-pleasing design, the 15.6in X520 slips into Samsung’s new X-series range. There are two other X-series models: the 11.6in X120 and 14in X420. The focus is on mobility here and, as such, all feature so-called CULV - Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage - processors and integrated graphics from Intel. …
Will Stapley, 24 Nov 2009
Toshiba Satellite L450

Toshiba Satellite L450

Review Pick up the Satellite L450, or even just glance at it, and you’re left in no doubt that it’s very much a budget laptop. Chunky, plasticy and devoid of any bells and whistles, it’s not going to appeal to those who like their laptops to stand out from the crowd. Toshiba Satellite L450 Toshiba's Satellite L450: it's not stylish, …
Will Stapley, 12 Nov 2009
MSI X600

MSI X-Slim X600 15.6in notebook

Review We're beginning to think there's some sort of competition between laptop manufacturers to come up with the most ridiculous marketing statements. In our recent review of the EasyNote Butterfly, we were left cringing at Packard Bell's explanation of exactly why it had chosen to use that name. MSI X600 MSI’s X-Slim X600: literally …
Will Stapley, 27 Oct 2009
Fujitsu M2010

Fujitsu M2010 netbook

Review Earlier this year, Fujitsu launched a somewhat unsuccessful assault on the netbook market with its Amilo Mini UI 3250. Suffering from a slow hard drive, fiddly keyboard and ever-so-slightly-ugly chassis, it didn’t fare too well in our review. Fujitsu M2010 Fujitsu’s M2010: still room for improvement Now, just a few months …
Will Stapley, 06 Oct 2009
Samsung R720 notebook

Samsung R720 17.3in notebook

Review If you caught our review of the Samsung R522, the R720 will look more than a little similar. As the name implies, though, it has a larger 17.3in display, with a glossy coating and native resolution of 1600 x 900. Naturally, this makes the chassis a fair bit bigger at 441mm wide, 273mm deep and, at its thickest point, 40mm tall. …
Will Stapley, 28 Sep 2009
D-Link DHP-303

D-Link DHP-303

Review Despite an early charge, powerline networking has suffered something of a stall over the past few years. The stuff is still shifting off the shelves, but we haven't seen much in the way of improvements in the technology. D-Link DHP-303 D-Link's DHP-303: no change over the years but the model number? Back in 2007, we were …
Will Stapley, 08 Sep 2009
Asus UX50V

Asus UX50V

Review Think stylish laptops, and brands such as Apple, Sony and, if you've a particularly bizarre sense of style, Toshiba’s Qosmio range spring to mind. Having pioneered the netbook revolution, Asus is more likely to conjure up images of small, portable and good value laptops. However, the Taiwanese giant has always had a penchant for …
Will Stapley, 25 Aug 2009
Toshiba Satellite A350-12J

Toshiba Satellite A350-12J

Review If you like your laptops nice and shiny, Toshiba's new Satellite A350-12J will go down a treat. Not only do you get a glossy black chassis with a lid that's surprisingly smudge-resistant, but the keyboard is also coated in the stuff. It's not something that will appeal to all tastes, and we found it felt very odd to type on. …
Will Stapley, 04 Aug 2009
Samsung R522

Samsung R522

Review When conjuring up budget laptops for the mass market, manufacturers will usually do their level best to make them look more expensive than they actually are, and the R522 from Samsung is no different. Samsung R522 Samsung's R522: 802.11n not welcome There's nothing particularly special about the innards – Intel Core 2 Duo, …
Will Stapley, 27 Jul 2009
Garmin Nüvi 1340T

Garmin Nüvi 1340T

Review As part of Garmin's recently refreshed in-car satnav range, the Nüvi 1340T will be the one satnav you won't want to leave stuck to your dashboard. With an easily portable slimline design, the Nüvi 1340T features a pedestrian mode that includes the ability to hold your hand on London's underground network. Garmin Nüvi 1340T …
Will Stapley, 14 Jul 2009
Asus F70SL

Asus F70SL

Review In recent years, Asus has become a key player in the netbook revolution. Yet with the F70SL, the company is looking to appeal to a totally different audience. Touted as the world's first notebook with a 17.3in display, this bulky, 4kg desktop replacement, offers a 16:9 aspect ratio screen at a resolution of 1600 x 900. Asus …
Will Stapley, 09 Jul 2009
Acer Aspire One D250

Acer Aspire One D250

Review Acer made a significant impact on the netbook market last year with its hugely popular Aspire One A110. It recently released a selection of new netbooks in its Aspire One range, and the D250 we have here is bizarrely similar to the D150, which was only launched a couple of months ago. Acer Aspire One D250 Acer's Aspire One D250 …
Will Stapley, 04 Jun 2009
Coyote Systems Mini Coyote

Coyote Systems Mini Coyote

Review Whether you want regular reminders to keep your speed down or simply love breaking the speed limit, the Mini Coyote is here to help. And with a built-in GPRS module, you’ll get regular updates without the need for a PC, as well as real-time information on nearby mobile speed traps submitted by fellow users. Coyote Systems Mini …
Will Stapley, 08 May 2009
Fujitsu LifeBook P8020

Fujitsu LifeBook P8020

Review Hot on the heels of Sony's Vaio TT and the Toshiba Portégé R600, Fujitsu's LifeBook P8020 is a similarly small and light affair looking to tempt business types away from the likes of Lenovo and Dell. Netbook fans will yet again baulk at high price tag, but there's clearly still a market for premium ultra-portable laptops …
Will Stapley, 30 Apr 2009
Toshiba Portege M750

Toshiba Portégé M750

Review Still alive yet often ridiculed, tablet PCs haven't exactly had the easiest of times since their conception at the turn of the century. HP is attempting to breathe new life into the tablet by aiming its new TouchSmart TX2 at home users, but Toshiba's Portégé M750 takes a more traditional business-oriented approach. Toshiba …
Will Stapley, 15 Apr 2009
HP Mini 2140

HP Mini 2140 netbook

Review While most manufacturers seem happy to hurl out new netbook models at the rate of knots, HP is positively lumbering along. Back in May 2008, it released its first model, the Mini-Note 2133, and it's only just got around to releasing an updated version, the Mini 2140. HP Mini 2140 HP's Mini 2140: familiar, decent design HP may …
Will Stapley, 30 Mar 2009

Satnav head-to-head: Navman S100 vs TomTom Go 540 Live

Review Want more than simple A-to-B navigation? We put two top-end models from TomTom and Navman - respectively, the Go 540 Live and the S100 - head to head to see how they match up. Navman and TomTom Line them up: Navman S100 and TomTom Go 540 Live Going by looks alone, the TomTom wins hands-down. With smooth, curved edges and a …
Will Stapley, 18 Dec 2008

Navman S30

Review There’s no shortage of bargain satnavs that are capable of guiding you from A to B. Navman hopes the 3D landmarks on its entry-level model will be enough to have you driving its way. When we took Navman’s recession-busting S30 out for a spin at the tail end of 2007, we were impressed with its no-nonsense approach to navigation. …
Will Stapley, 18 Oct 2008

Philips PET723 portable DVD player

Review Combining a portable DVD player with a digital photo frames sounds like a neat idea. But the two aren’t the best of bedfellows, especially when you equip them with a low-resolution screen. The vast majority of portable DVD players sport a laptop-style clamshell chassis. With the PET723, Philips has abandoned this design. The …
Will Stapley, 02 Oct 2008