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Dermandar iOS app icon

Dermandar Panorama

iOS App of the Week There are quite a few apps that can be used to stitch together a series of overlapping photos in order to create a single, wide-angle panoramic picture. These apps all use clever algorithms to try to line up elements within the photos in order to create a seamless overlap, but even the smartest software can’t do much to help if …
Cliff Joseph, 15 Dec 2011
Philips Fidelio AS851 speaker dock for Android devices

Philips Fidelio AS851 speaker

Geek Treat of the Week Philips’ Fidelio speakers for iOS - such as the DS9 - have gotten a big thumbs-up from us in the past, and now Philips has released a new range specifically designed for Android devices. I got my hands on the top-of-the-range Fidelio AS851, which comes in at £200, but there’s also a smaller model called the AS351 priced at £129 …
Cliff Joseph, 12 Dec 2011
Dell XPS 14z 14in notebook

Dell XPS 14z 14in Core i5 notebook

Review Don’t worry, the XPS 14z may be one of Dell’s new "thin and powerful" range, but it doesn’t fit into the superslim Ultrabook category so there’s absolutely no need whatsoever for a gratuitous comparison with Apple's MacBook Air. Dell XPS 14z 14in notebook It’s certainly a more stylish affair than the businesslike hardware I’m …
Cliff Joseph, 12 Dec 2011
OnLive cloud gaming system microconsole

OnLive Game System cloud gaming console

Review The OnLive cloud gaming service was launched in the UK in September, and I was impressed by the fact that it allowed me to play a wide range of PC games on my Mac – without requiring Boot Camp and a copy of Windows, or any virtualisation trickery. OnLive cloud gaming system microconsole The USB ports are for charging wireless …
Cliff Joseph, 09 Dec 2011
KitchenPad iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week The big problem when preparing the Christmas mega-feast is synchronising the timings for all the different dishes. My oven just has a single timer on it, so KitchenPad’s ability to create multiple timers is just what I need. The app has two main screens: the first provides a neat graphical display of the burners on your stove, …
Cliff Joseph, 08 Dec 2011
08 Wizard iOS app icon

08 Wizard

iOS App of the Week I’d heard about apps and programs that could be used to look up alternatives to premium-rate 08 numbers, but had never really bothered with them before as – apart from my bank – I didn’t really think that I made all that many calls to premium numbers. However, the last bill for my home landline number included a tenner’s worth …
Cliff Joseph, 01 Dec 2011
Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker

Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker

Geek Treat of the Week There are a number of these little ‘vibration speaker’ gadgets that allow you to turn everyday objects into speakers, but the Pocket Boom is cheaper and a bit more portable than many of its rivals. Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker Works best with hollow objects Currently priced at £24.95 – although that’s due to come …
Cliff Joseph, 28 Nov 2011
Thumbs Up Desktop Phone

Thumbs Up Desktop Phone

Accessory of the Week I use a USB handset with Skype on my Mac, and I’ve been looking for something similar to use with my iPhone when I’m in the office. Bluetooth headsets just make me feel silly, so I’ve opted for the distinctly low-tech and unpretentious Desktop Phone from Thumbs Up instead. The Desktop Phone is a simple dock for your iPhone, and …
Cliff Joseph, 25 Nov 2011
Hailo iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week Back in my student days, I used to work late-night shifts on a taxi service called ComputaCab. It was really hi-tech for the time, with a control room full of computer screens and a bunch of scruffy kids answering the phone lines and booking the cabs. Ah, the good old days… Well, the students will have to look for other ways to …
Cliff Joseph, 24 Nov 2011
CableJive DockBoss Plus Android-iPod adaptor

CableJive DockBoss Plus

Geek Treat of the Week Reg Hardware is always inundated with speaker systems for the iPhone and iPod in the run-up to Christmas, but there are still relatively few sets of speakers designed to dock Android phones. Yes, most iPod and iPhone speaker-docks do have an 3.5mm aux port that will allow you to connect almost any audio source – but a mere audio …
Cliff Joseph, 21 Nov 2011
Henge Docks Docking Station for MacBooks

Henge Docks Docking Station

Accessory of the Week It’s less technically sophisticated than the Techne Byte-Dock port replicator we reviewed recently, but the Docking Station from Henge Docks is a darn site prettier and a lot less expensive. Henge Docks Docking Station for MacBooks Sold here in the UK by MobileFun, the Docking Station is available in several sizes to suit …
Cliff Joseph, 18 Nov 2011
Coach's Eye iOS app icon

Coach's Eye

iOS App of the Week My never-ending quest for a decent forehand recently turned up this handy little sporting app for the iPhone. As the name implies, Coach’s Eye is primarily aimed at sports trainers who want to analyse their athlete’s performance. It allows the coach to record clips of the athlete and to play them back using its slow-mo option to …
Cliff Joseph, 17 Nov 2011
Ion Audio Piano Apprentice

Ion Audio Piano Apprentice

Geek Treat of the Week It might look a bit silly, but the Piano Apprentice from Ion Audio, the company famous for its USB LP decks, is good fun – and could actually help you learn to play the piano. Ion Audio Piano Apprentice It consists of a two-octave keyboard with a small set of internal speakers. It has a small stand to support your iPad, iPod …
Cliff Joseph, 14 Nov 2011
Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Accessory of the Week Most Wintel laptops now support a limited range of multi-touch gestures on their trackpads, such as the two-finger swipe to scroll up or down through long documents and web pages. However, Logitech’s new Wireless Touchpad is the first device that I’ve come across that attempts to offer PC users the same range of multi-touch …
Cliff Joseph, 11 Nov 2011
Instapaper iOS app icon

Instapaper 4.0

iOS App of the Week Instapaper has been around on Macs, PCs and various mobile platforms for a few years now and I’d started to take it for granted, only using it to save the occasional long or important article that I knew I’d want to come back to at a later date. However, the iOS app has just had a big update to version 4 that has reworked the …
Cliff Joseph, 10 Nov 2011
Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for tablets

Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for tablets

Accessory of the Week I’ve been experimenting with Jamie Oliver’s Recipes app recently, and it occurred to me that an iPad stand would come in handy when I’m fondling his dumplings in the kitchen - they go very well with his beef and Guinness stew. So imagine how positively "pukka" I felt when Belkin’s Chef Stand and Stylus turned up in the post. …
Cliff Joseph, 04 Nov 2011
Adobe Reader for iOS icon

Adobe Reader

iOS App of the Week It’s hard to believe that it has taken Adobe so long to release a PDF reader for iDevices, especially since the Android version has been available for more than a year now. And with so many other apps already available for reading PDF files, including Apple’s own iBooks, I could barely muster the enthusiasm to download Adobe …
Cliff Joseph, 03 Nov 2011
GoPro HD 2 sports camcorder

GoPro HD Hero 2

Geek Treat of the Week Surfer dude and Reg Hardware reviewer Giles Hill waxed lyrical about the HD Hero when he tried it out last year, and the developers at GoPro have just launched a new version of their rugged, outdoorsy and underwatery action-cam. GoPro HD 2 sports camcorder The HD Hero 2 looks virtually identical to its predecessor, but has …
Cliff Joseph, 31 Oct 2011
Surc universal remote case for iPhone

Surc universal remote case

Accessory of the Week I’ve looked at a number of devices, including the Gear4 Unity and the ThinkFlood RedEye, that allow you to use an iOS device as a remote control for your TV, DVD player and other AV kit. The Surc is another. However, it takes a slightly different approach. Surc universal remote case for iPhone Instead of using a plug-in …
Cliff Joseph, 28 Oct 2011
Vlingo iOS voice-recognition app icon


iOS App of the Week One of the standout features of the new iPhone 4S is the Siri voice-recognition assistant. Siri started out as just an ordinary third-party app until it was swooped up by Apple, and there are still a number of similar rivals that you can use to add voice-recognition features to older iPhones, as well as the iPod Touch and iPad …
Cliff Joseph, 27 Oct 2011
Griffin Helo TC iPhone-controlled helicopter

Griffin Technology Helo TC

Geek Treat of the Week Parrot’s AR.Drone quad 'copter has been quite a hit with the radio control crowd, but its £300 price tag puts it out of most people’s price range. Griffin’s new Helo TC, on the other blade, is affordable enough to be a fun little treat for the more casual weekend flier. Griffin Helo TC iPhone-controlled helicopter The Helo is …
Cliff Joseph, 24 Oct 2011
The Guardian iPad Edition

The Guardian iPad Edition

iOS App of the Week As well as launching a brand new app specifically designed for the iPad, The Guardian is also the first proper UK newspaper to appear in iOS 5's Newsstand feature. The Guardian iPad Edition gives us interesting look at how the newspaper industry could develop in the next few years. Newsstand is the magazine and newspaper …
Cliff Joseph, 20 Oct 2011
LaCie LaPlug networked storage

LaCie LaPlug

Review Networkable drives are widely available and affordable these days, but the LaPlug could come in handy if you have a stack of existing USB hard drives or memory sticks that you want to share with other people on your home or office network. LaCie LaPlug networked storage LaCie's LaPlug delivers network sharing capabilities to …
Cliff Joseph, 20 Oct 2011
House of Marley Exodus headphones

House of Marley Exodus headphones

Geek Treat of the Week As soon as I saw the Exodus headphones I wanted them, and now that I’ve heard them – well, I’m just jammin’ till the jam is through. House of Marley is a new brand set up by Bob Marley’s family, and it’s kicking off with an extensive collection of headphones ranging from the £20 in-ear Smile Jamaica set, up to the £250 noise- …
Cliff Joseph, 17 Oct 2011
Belkin Conserve Switch power saving adaptor board

Belkin Conserve

Accessory of the Week Like many folk, I tend to leave my TV, Sky box and other AV kit in their low-power standby mode when I retire to my boudoir in the evenings. However, even standby mode can consume a steady trickle of electricity, and now that the blood-sucking leeches [surely 'energy companies' - Ed] are hitting us with double-digit price rises …
Cliff Joseph, 14 Oct 2011
iMoney iOS app icon

iMoney Accounting

iOS App of the Week It must be a sign of the times, but I’m definitely seeing more personal finance apps coming my way recently. Of course, there’s already no shortage of apps for keeping track of your daily spending, but iMoney Accounting caught my eye as it’s free and also has an online reporting function that could be useful for people who need …
Cliff Joseph, 13 Oct 2011
PCTV Broadway 2T TV streamer

PCTV Broadway 2T network Freeview tuner

Review The marketing for the new Broadway 2T very much focuses on the iPhone and iPad, yet this network TV tuner chooses to omit some pretty obvious features when it comes to the iOS side of things. PCTV Broadway 2T TV streamer Global vision: PCTV's Broadway 2T The Broadway is similar to Elgato’s Netstream DTT, in that it houses a …
Cliff Joseph, 12 Oct 2011
Altec Lansing iMT630 travel speaker

Altec Lansing iMT630

Accessory of the Week The first set of iPod speakers I ever bought was Altec Lansing’s inMotion iM3, a paperback-sized unit that could nonetheless produce a very respectable sound. My iM3 has been around the world a couple of times since then and it’s getting a bit frayed around the edges now. However, I’ve never found a better set of travel speakers …
Cliff Joseph, 07 Oct 2011
Lenovo ThinkCentre 91z

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one PC

Review It may not match the sleek, silvery elegance of Apple’s iMac, but Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Edge 91z is a far more affordable option for people who want a compact all-in-one desktop computer. Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one desktop PC Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Edge 91z: available with Intel Core-i3, i5 and i7 CPU options The …
Cliff Joseph, 06 Oct 2011
Lovefilm Player for iPad iOS app icon

Lovefilm Player for iPad

iOS App of the Week Well it’s about time. LoveFilm may be the UK’s main disc rental and video-on-demand service, but it’s taken it a disappointing amount of time to get its act together as far as iOS is concerned. Apple’s loathing of Flash video isn’t Lovefilm's fault, of course, but plenty of other companies have already produced iOS-specific apps …
Cliff Joseph, 06 Oct 2011
ThumbsUp Black Diamond iPhone dock

ThumbsUp Black Diamond glow-globe iPhone dock

Geek Treat of the Week Yes, it’s expensive and totally pointless, but the Black Diamond "ambience dock" is strangely compelling. It's fascinating to watch – a bit like those Mathmos lava lamps that now seem to have acquired a rather ironic retro chic. Designed specifically for the iPhone – I'm looking forward to the iPad version, due any day now – the …
Cliff Joseph, 03 Oct 2011
Meter Readings icon

Meter Readings

iOS App of the Week With energy prices going through the roof, I recently decided that it was time to pay a bit more attention to my meter readings. There are a few apps for reading gas and and electricity meters, but most of these seem to come from individual energy companies, such as EDF and npower, and only let you take one reading for your …
Cliff Joseph, 29 Sep 2011
Flipboard iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week Flipboard has been around for a year or so now, and has garnered all sorts of awards along the way. However, it was updated recently and has just gained the tech industry’s ultimate accolade: that of being imitated by Google, which is reported to be developing a "Flipboard killer" under the codename ‘Propeller’. Flipboard iOS …
Cliff Joseph, 22 Sep 2011
Bike Hub

Bike Hub

iOS App of the Week Following my inaugural experience with one of London’s ‘Boris bikes’ I considered reviewing the slick Barclays Bikes app – the bank is the main sponsor of the cycle scheme in the capital. Yet apart from being too London-centric I didn’t want to find myself saying anything complimentary about the banking industry. So I checked …
Cliff Joseph, 15 Sep 2011
Adobe CreatePDF icon

Adobe CreatePDF

iOS App of the Week There are plenty of PDF viewer apps available for iOS devices, so it’s a little surprising that it’s taken this long for Adobe - deviser of the Portable Document Format - to release this CreatePDF app. Its job is to convert documents in any of a variety of formats - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Photoshop, Illustrator, …
Cliff Joseph, 08 Sep 2011
LaCie CloudBox

LaCie CloudBox storage combo

Review It’s quite common for hard disk drives to also include an element of on-line backup these days. But even if you buy a big hard disk with 1TB or more of internal storage, the free on-line storage component tends to only be a few gigabytes – it’s really just a taster to try and get you to sign up for a subscription service that …
Cliff Joseph, 06 Sep 2011
TextGrabber icon


iOS App of the Week I often use the camera on my iPhone to take quick snapshots of telephone numbers and other bits of information that I see when I’m out and about during the day. When I get home, I have to write the info down somewhere, or maybe enter it into my contacts or some other app on the iPhone. That’s a tedious little chore, so I was …
Cliff Joseph, 01 Sep 2011
Autodesk Fluid FX app icon

Autodesk Fluid FX

iOS App of the Week A very long time ago, graphics guru Kai Krause - a name sure to make any Mac user over a certain ago go all misty eyed and nostalgic - created an app - or 'program', as we called them then - named Goo. It allowed you to morph and distort photos in various, vaguely amusing ways. It was primarily just a bit of fun, but Goo did …
Cliff Joseph, 25 Aug 2011
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

iOS App of the Week Looks like there’s trouble a-brewing in the cosy iOS ecosystem. Amazon has just rewritten its Kindle app as an HTML 5 ‘web app’ in order to circumvent the restrictions of the App Store – not to mention the 30 per cent cut that Apple skims off the top of every sale. It's not the first to do so either. The Financial Times has …
Cliff Joseph, 18 Aug 2011
British Library 19th Century Books

British Library 19th Century Books

iOS App of the Week The British Library already has a ‘Treasures’ app that is a kind of ‘greatest hits’ romp through the Library’s archives. However, this new iPad-only app specifically focuses on books and documents from the 19th century – the era of Dickens and the great Victorian explorers and travel writers. British Library 19th Century Books …
Cliff Joseph, 11 Aug 2011
Sharp Quattron LC-40LE831E

Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-40LE831E 40in LED 3D TV

Review I reviewed Sharp’s first Quattron TV last year, and although it was rather pricey I was impressed by the image quality that it provided thanks to its innovative addition of a fourth yellow pixel to the standard mix of red, green and blue. Sharp Quattron LC-40LE831E Jaundiced view? Sharp's Quattron LC-40LE831E screen features …
Cliff Joseph, 06 Aug 2011
Björk Biophilia

Björk Biophilia

iOS App of the Week Yeah, I know – the moment you let a bunch of musos loose with new technology they start to come up with waffle like “an extraordinary multimedia exploration of the universe and its physical forces” – when all you’ve really got is a bunch of songs and some fancy graphics. Björk Biophilia Main interface Click for a larger …
Cliff Joseph, 04 Aug 2011
Camera Prime

Camera Prime

iOS App of the Week After taking some really rubbish photos at a friend’s birthday recently, I decided I needed some sort of timer app for the camera on my iPhone. Camera Prime Besides timed capture, Camera Prime offers a framing aid There are a number of very simple timers – most of which are free to download – but then I started to think about …
Cliff Joseph, 28 Jul 2011
My Translator Pro

My Translator Pro UK

iOS App of the Week The holiday season is upon us, and a good phrase book can be a very useful addition to your collection of apps when you’re travelling abroad. Of course, most language apps tend to focus on one specific language, so I was tempted by My Translator Pro as it can translate typed-in phrases into more than 50 different languages and …
Cliff Joseph, 21 Jul 2011
Files Connect

Files Connect

iOS App of the Week I use Dropbox to sync files between computers and mobile devices, but the problem with Dropbox is that you can only sync files and folders that you’ve already placed into the Dropbox folders on those devices. I’m not that organised and when I’m using my iPhone or iPad I often find that I’d like to quickly browse my desktop …
Cliff Joseph, 14 Jul 2011
Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Ten... wireless speakers

Product Round-up The iPod can take credit for creating an entirely new market for compact speaker systems, yet iPod sales are now starting to taper off as people move their music onto smartphones and tablets. No one wants their phone or tablet to be out of action while it’s docked inside a speaker system, so manufacturers are now adding wireless …
Cliff Joseph, 14 Jul 2011
Videotree Videospa bathroom TV

Videotree VideoSpa bathroom TV

Review Forget 3D TV and Internet-connected sets, de rigueur this season is a waterproof TV for your bathroom. Admittedly, the Videospa is primarily intended for posh hotels and overly moist gyms, but developer Videotree is also making a bit of a push into what it refers to as ‘innovative designer residential homes’. Videotree Videospa …
Cliff Joseph, 13 Jul 2011

Splashtop Remote Desktop

iOS App of the Week I’ve tried a number of ‘remote desktop’ apps that allow you to control a Mac or a PC from an iPhone or iPad, but their performance over a wireless network has always been too sluggish for them to be of much practical use. Splashtop Set-up is effectively automatic on the iDevice Not surprisingly, then, I was quite sceptical …
Cliff Joseph, 07 Jul 2011


iOS App of the Week Apple’s iBooks Store is as slick – and expensive – as you’d expect any Apple product to be, but it’s not the only source of digital books for the iPhone and iPad. Alongside apps from commercial rivals such as Amazon's Kindle, I recently discovered an app called OverDrive that gives you online access to the UK’s public lending …
Cliff Joseph, 29 Jun 2011
Quick Office

Quick Office

iOS App of the Week DataViz’ Documents To Go is perhaps the most popular office suite for the iPhone and iPad. I don’t, count Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote as a ‘suite’ as you have to buy each one separately. Quick Office Quick Office Quick Office lets you create any kind of office document out of the box However, I found myself dipping …
Cliff Joseph, 23 Jun 2011