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Emtec Media Cube S800

Emtec Movie Cube S800 DVR

Review There are now many digital video recorders (DVRs) out there and there's also a host of digital media streaming units, but if you're trying to find a device that can do both, you're going to struggle. Until now. Enter the Emtec Movie Cube S800, a gadget that promises to deliver a delicious combination of the two. Emtec Movie …
Barry Schertel, 05 Mar 2009

Logic3 Valve80 thermionic iPod dock and speaker set

Review Logic 3, maker of accessories for gadgets such as Apple's iPods, has gone up-scale with the launch of the Valve 80 amplifier. Logic3 Valve80 Logic3's Valve80: not shabby looking Ever since the invention of the transistor, valves have been somewhat sidelined. They're bulky, expensive and take time to warm up and become …
Barry Schertel, 05 Feb 2009

Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX 22in monitor

Review To the masses a monitor is a monitor. For those who spend hours staring a screen, response times and colour reproduction can be important. But for most, screen size and price are the deciding factors. However, the Samsung 2263DX has something else that may pique some people's interest. This 22in monitor comes with a little …
Barry Schertel, 08 Dec 2008

Getac B300 rugged laptop

Review This laptop is squarely aimed at those who find themselves biding their time waiting for a Sahara sandstorm to pass, or need to check email while hanging upside down from an offshore oil rig. The first impression is that this thing looks like it should come with handcuffs, like one of those top secret briefcases only seen in …
Barry Schertel, 03 Sep 2008

Getac E100 rugged UMPC

Review This UMPC has been specifically designed for use in in the field - conditions where you'd never normally take a laptop. So if you're an engineer, an architect - or perhaps a sniper - this PC's for you. The Getac E100 meets military and ruggedisation standards MIL-STD-810F and IP54, which basically means it's resistant to dust …
Barry Schertel, 01 Jul 2008

Vye mini-v S37B sub-notebook

Review The Vye mini-v S37B is another player in the increasing number of sub-notebooks appearing on shop shelves, spurred on by the runaway success of the Asus Eee PC. However, where the Eee is a little compact runaround, the mini-v aspires to be the seven-seater people carrier with the collapsible seats and all the bells and …
Barry Schertel, 19 May 2008

Griffin Evolve wireless iPod speakers

Review Griffin makes some pretty cool bits and bobs for the iPod and iPhone, but its crowning achievement to date has to be the new Evolve iPod dock and speaker set. At first glance, the Evolve is nothing much more than an iPod dock - a fairly trendy looking iPod dock, but an iPod dock nonetheless. Then you pick up the speakers and …
Barry Schertel, 18 Feb 2008

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