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Do businesses get the IT service they deserve?

We’ve received plenty of feedback from Reg readers over the years telling us that business managers and execs often don’t get IT. Sometimes it’s not listening to advice and requests for budget from the IT team, on other occasions it’s not heeding warnings on security exposures, capacity running out, and other forms of risk. …
Matt Proud, 18 Oct 2016
Flash Gordon Emperor Ming the Merciless

How would you sell an all-flash array to your finance director?

We have been getting some good responses in our latest poll on all-flash storage. I don't think we are giving too much away when we say that many of you see the attraction, but you also have some reservations and want vendors to step up with more guarantees of one kind or another. We are also hearing that the "internal sell" …
Matt Proud, 21 Sep 2016
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Geeks Guide 2 HTML5

GG2 A Geeks Guide 2 In this week’s Geeks Guide we will be looking at recent releases for HTML 5 that provide you with all the required knowledge on the latest version of the web development language. We now offer FREE UK delivery & same working day dispatch on all titles, as well as a 40 per cent discount on all books featured in …
Matt Proud, 09 Nov 2010

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