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NO2ID: the big t-shirt restock

Cash'n'Carrion That No2ID t-shirt in full Battling anti-ID-card outfit No2ID, recently seen causing a bit of a kerfuffle at a government ID card roadshow and getting themselves ejected from the Gateshead Metro Centre for their trouble, have just restocked all of their campaigning shirts in all sizes. Accordingly, there's no excuse for those …
Cash'n'Carrion, 10 Oct 2005
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Tritium-fuelled watches debut at Cash'n'Carrion

Cash'n'Carrion Tritium-powered illumination Our old mate tritium - as featured in the now legendary Glowring - has resurfaced at Reg merchandising tentacle Cash'n'Carrion, but this time in a more useful role than simply providing an entertaining keyring with which to amaze your friends. Yes indeed, a small, atomically-powered round of …
Cash'n'Carrion, 29 Sep 2005
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BOFH books creep back into Cash'n'Carrion

Cash'n'Carrion BOFH books II and IV We're pleased to report that some, at least, of the magnificent BOFH books have found their way onto the shelves of the Cash'n'Carrion warehouse, namely: Book II - Son of the Bastard, and Book IV - Dummy Mode is Forever. Naturally, you're wondering "why on God's green Earth have they only got parts two and …
Cash'n'Carrion, 22 Sep 2005
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No2ID restocks Clarke-busting t-shirt

Cash'n'Carrion Available now at Cash'n'Carrion Anti-ID card campaigning outfit No2ID recently reached its goal of getting 10,000 patriots to sign a pledge promising that they will refuse to register for ID cards in the now seemingly inevitable event that home secretary Charles Clarkes will bulldoze legislation through parliament in the wake …
Cash'n'Carrion, 20 Jul 2005
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TechnoDepot gets to grips with DNS

Cash'n'Carrion DNS? It's a real bind We know how much you enjoy the excellent range of top-notch apparel produced by those wags down at TechnoDepot, so we're absolutely delighted to announce the immediate availability of their latest offering, the DNS: It's a real bind t-shirt. We're sure we don't need to explain this one to you, our tech- …
Cash'n'Carrion, 15 Jul 2005
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Big torch sale at Cash'n'Carrion

Cash'n'Carrion We know how much Reg readers like their hi-tech illumination, and we've managed to secure some limited supplies of Inova LED torches at knock-down prices. The Inova X-5 Anyone on the look-out for a top-quality torch and not familiar with Inova products should certainly check out the Inova range, offering virtually …
Cash'n'Carrion, 25 May 2005
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TechnoDepot issues severe date warning

Cash'n'Carrion Warning! Those readers who have the onerous task of project managing teams of slackers might like to deploy the latest t-shirt from TechnoDepot: the rather tasty "Warning: Dates on calendar are closer than they appear". There's very little we need to add, really, except to say that this delicious bit of apparel goes out for £ …
Cash'n'Carrion, 12 May 2005
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Airlift alleviates BOFH polo shirt crisis

Cash'n'Carrion The crisis has passed and all those sobbing sysadmins who have been sitting in darkened rooms unable to work because of a worldwide shortage of BOFH polo shirts can now emerge blinking in the light, credit cards at the ready. The all-new BOFH polo shirt Yes, so popular did our first batch of this magnificent shirt prove that …
Cash'n'Carrion, 07 Mar 2005
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Reg revs up Mod vulture logo t-shirt

Cash'n'Carrion That new Reg minilogo in full We at Reg merchandising tentacle Cash'n'Carrion know how much our regular customers enjoy sporting the famous vulture logo, and we have just taken delivery of an all-new minilogo version of the classic image as part of our Spring 2005 collection. And very nice it is too, in a kind of Lambretta- …
Cash'n'Carrion, 28 Feb 2005
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Warning! Black Helicopters

Cash'n'Carrion We at Vulture Central are well aware that skies world-wide are increasingly darkening with black helicopters as conspiracy theorists fall over each other to warn humanity as to multiple threats to peoples' lives and liberty. Make no mistake: they're coming to get you and it's only a matter of time before you are enslaved to the …
Cash'n'Carrion, 22 Feb 2005

BOFH books back at Cash'n'Carrion

Cash'n'Carrion We have some tasty news today for all BOFH fans. You demanded 'em and now you've got 'em - Bastard Operator from Hell books one and two now (re)available at Cash'n'Carrion for just £7.99 apiece. (No VAT on books, natch). Those two BOFH titles available now Alternatively, you can get both for a sysadmin-pleasing £13.99. As …
Cash'n'Carrion, 21 Feb 2005
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TechnoDepot Binary t-shirt back on the shelves

Cash'n'Carrion That TechnoDepot binary shirt in full Thanks very much to all those kit-hungry customers who wrote in to express an immediate desire to purchase the TechnoDepot Binary t-shirt which sold out during our Cash'n'Carrion pre-Xmas orgy of e-commerce. Well, you wait is over - we have fully restocked this particular item which offers …
Cash'n'Carrion, 14 Feb 2005
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UK customers get your skates on

Cash'n'Carrion We're winding up this year's ecommerce frenzy with a gentle reminder to our UK customers that tomorrow, 15 December, is the last date on which you can order Cash'n'Carrion kit for pre-Christmas delivery. So, if you're looking for some last-minute prezzie ideas, get down the El Reg merchandising tentacle and flash the plastic. …
Cash'n'Carrion, 14 Dec 2004
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EU readers: order your Reg goodies now

Cash'n'Carrion EU readers please note that Sunday 12 December is the last order date for pre-Christmas delivery of Cash'n'Carrion kit and caboodle. UK readers have until Wednesday 15 December to pick up any last-minute prezzies, after which we can all relax and tuck into the turkey and mince pies. Any orders from outside the EU will arrive …
Cash'n'Carrion, 10 Dec 2004
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The return of the atomic keyring

Cash'n'Carrion The reutn of the atomic keyring It appears that our report of the demise of the tritium-powered atomic keyring was somewhat premature, since nuclear-powered torch outfit Nite has decided to resurrect this classic piece of kit. Here's the blurb: Nite claim their new Glowring is stronger, slicker and cooler than ever and …
Cash'n'Carrion, 07 Dec 2004
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Last call for US pre-Xmas orders

Cash'n'Carrion This Thursday, 9 December, is the last date on which readers in the US, Canada, Japan and Eastern Europe can order Cash'n'Carrion goodies for pre-Christmas delivery. Get those orders in by then and we'll ship your top-notch kit for enjoyment before the turkey hits the dinner table. Enjoy. Here's the full list of last Christmas …
Cash'n'Carrion, 07 Dec 2004
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Last Xmas order date for the Antipodes

Cash'n'Carrion Yes, it's that time of year again where we remind our loyal customers about the last dates on which you can order Cash'n'Carrion goodies for pre-Xmas delivery. Today's heads-up is for the Antipodes, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Get those orders in by Sunday 5 December and we'll ship whatever your heart desires for …
Cash'n'Carrion, 03 Dec 2004
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How's my coding? Dial: 0800 666 700

Cash'n'Carrion So, how's my coding Continuing in their established tradition of delivering droll apparel of the highest order, the wags down at TechnoDepot have just unveiled their latest offering - the How's my coding? t-shirt. In addition to this provocative question, the shirt invites users to dial 0800 666 700 with their input. As the …
Cash'n'Carrion, 30 Nov 2004
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Last shout on the Inova Microlight keyring

Cash'n'Carrion The Inova Microlight keyring We're clearing the decks here at Cash'n'Carrion in anticipation of some fresh lines in the new year and have decided to knock a couple of quid off the compact and bijou Inova Microlight keyring. What's more, we're offering free P&P on this while stocks last, so the price you see is the price you pay …
Cash'n'Carrion, 25 Nov 2004
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World's remotest islet back on the map

Cash'n'Carrion The new Rockall map t-shirt UK satire outfit The Rockall Times recently celebrated its third birthday, and the North Atlantic ne'er-do-wells have released a new version of their popular Map t-shirt to commemorate the event. Here's what they have to say: If you've ever wondered about the exact location of the world's most …
Cash'n'Carrion, 22 Nov 2004

Introducing the big, bad BOFH polo shirt

Cash'n'Carrion Those BOFH fans who have long admired our BOFH logo t-shirt - but rather wished that there was a piece of apparel with a slightly more discreet logo - can now avail themselves of the latest apparel for the marauding sysadmins: the all-new BOFH logo polo shirt. The all-new BOFH polo shirt As you'd expect, this is a top-quality …
Cash'n'Carrion, 19 Nov 2004
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T-shirt for sale despite US election

Cash'n'Carrion Click here to buy this lovely t-shirt Well, it's been a white-knuckle rollercoaster sort of a day what with the nail-biting conclusion to the US presidential election and all that, but elsewhere in the world, life must continue regardless. Which is why we're offering the eleven readers who are still with us and not glued to …
Cash'n'Carrion, 03 Nov 2004
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Rockall Times reignites anti-smoking jihad

Cash'n'Carrion So popular have UK satire website The Rockall Times' contributions to the ongoing smoking debate proved that the North Atlantic-based ne'er-do-wells have just been obliged to reprint their top-notch campaigning apparel for a third time: Those Rockall Times smoking t-shirts in full While we concede that they're not for the …
Cash'n'Carrion, 01 Nov 2004
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Reg Marathon Man in India t-shirt triumph

Cash'n'Carrion Since we've just restocked our ever-popular "My job went to India and all I got was this lousy t-shirt", er, t-shirt, we thought that this would be a good opportunity to show the outsourcing apparel masterpiece "in the field". India t-shirt triumphs in London Marathon So, cue pic of none other than Reg Strategy Boutique head …
Cash'n'Carrion, 28 Oct 2004
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WTF? A new black t-shirt?

Cash'n'Carrion We have a lot to thank the internet for - access to information; fast mass communication; and a whole rack of snappy abbreviations designed to take the fingerwork out of IM and email. WTF? Suitably inspired by the latter, the cheeky chappies down at TechnoDepot have decided to celebrate the highly-popular WTF? on a premium, …
Cash'n'Carrion, 26 Oct 2004

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