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Creative Zen media player

Review Creative's latest MP3 player offers a 2.5in screen, video playback capabilities, photo viewer, voice recorder and an FM radio. It claims to provide 25 hours of battery life and is the size of a credit card. Sounds good on paper, but does it all come together in practice? Despite beating Apple to market with the Nomad MP3 …
Lucie Clay, 14 Nov 2007

Navman S30 satnav

Review With everyone from Alpine to Via Michelin offering standalone satellite navigation kit, should you bother with a competitively-priced, lower-end offering from an established brand name? We hit the streets with the entry-level Navman S30 to find out. The S30 is at the very bottom of Navman's new S series and comes in at an …
Lucie Clay, 02 Nov 2007

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